Saturday, March 24, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... THE DEAD WALK AMONG US

There are ways to preserve a 'presence.' And it is not known if this is truly the original, singular essence of creation, or merely an exceedingly exact copy. But it sees. And it hears and it speaks. Not everyone is so preserved. Many view it as an imprisonment of the soul. Some see it as torture. 

What happens it this.  A group of scientists and technicians send tachyons and other sub atomic particles streaming through a human brain just before the actual instant of death. Each particle melds with an equal measure of cerebral 'charge.' For what passes as memory is really only a complex series of electrical impulses. And these tiny bits of past experience dance off into a long conga line, only to be captured and sequenced in an intricate, binary program. Fleshly life ceases, but silicon existence endures.

Few have achieved it. Those of a deep and profound faith reject it. Others , of modest means, cannot afford the hefty freight. Yet among the families of the rich there are 'ancestors'........forebears who have never left. Not many. Each clan has perhaps one or two. The Texacos have one. He? She? It? abides within a small, titanium box. And this special relic rests within a chamber beneath the bunker. Bart has the key. He wears it 'round his neck, upon a leather thong. It gives voice to his father. 

And  tonight (or what passes for night beneath the surface of the Martian capital of Barsoom), the father speaks again.. Such mutual communications are rare, for technical as well as emotional reasons. They can be very dangerous. 'Souls' can be lost. 

But Bart has a request to make. He wants his father to swim through the vast, eternal, conscious 'net' and find things. He needs secrets. The family needs secrets. 

And tonight he means to know......

So he waits until the others all drift off, or at least retreat to the comfort and privacy of their chambers. Then he opens the passageway to the 'special room' and steps down. 

Five heartbeats later the portal closes. None can see the seam. It's time for the 'magic' to take place......

Ghost riders 'neath the sky........


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