Saturday, March 10, 2012

These are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO ..... Ice Cream Time

Meanwhile, back inside the cave, or the chapel, or the chamber, or whatever it is, all them Earth humans are still layin' all over the floor, droolin' and snorin' and all. Miss Monica lettin' lose them soft, fuzzy farts, but you already know 'bout that pattern. 

Them orange skinned folks just sit there, like a whole bunch a Ramases II or somethin'. I don't even think they blinks as much as Earth people do. But they communicatin'. They talkin'. You can tell. They sayin' things  to each other. 

Old, Big, Poo-Poo woman 'say' - We must adopt some of the 'Ice-Cream's' ways....... That what they call them. That what they call the Earth Humans. Oh, come on. Figure it out. Them what sailed out here from Earth come mostly in three flavors ... white... chocolate and like a pink, strawberry color.  You know, like 'Neapolitan' ice-cream? Yeah, I know. Some folk got a sallow look to 'em. I know. I know all about it. But that just a blend. That just a variation.  You know how it get when you smush it all together at the bottom of the cup? Well, so? Happens a people too. That's all. 

Troopers used a give 'em treats in the early days. Used a give 'em cup cakes. Used a give 'em ice-cream. Not none a them good flavors. Never got no mint-chocolate-chip, or butter pecan. Them Tuva-Tuva folk, I mean. Palmed off all the cheap stuff. You know that three flavor slop what come in  'em store-brand, flimsy, cardboard boxes? Then you know what they served. 

Orange folk thought each a the three colors in the box stood for one a the main flavors a Earth-born humanity. They thought eatin' the stuff was like the Christian sacrement of communion. They thought it gonna make them an' the Earth folk all one. This is back in the early days, when they first started peekin' outta them caves. But after a while, when the Earth folk still tell 'em to go to hell and drop dead, they formulated other ideas..... But they still calls 'em all 'ice-creams.'

Couple bob cats came back in.  They real soft. They real silent. You don't hear 'em when they move. Curl up right by them children. You know they weighs thirty pounds (on Earth, that is). When they purr, you feels the vibration. It like a quiet, old-time 'frigerator. But them kids must a like it, 'cause they snuggle in real close.

Big Poo-Poo woman wanna see safety for her people. Wanna see security. She not thinkin' 'bout now, or right next a now, when them Chinese goomers still here. She thinkin' 'bout the later times, when Mars go back a bein' Mars.

Shame them 'ice-creams' had a come. Still, they did 'goose up' the atmosphere and make things how they was. Tuva-Tuva'd still be bunch a freeze-dried cave mummies if it not for them God damn 'ice-creams.'

But seem like it time a add a new flavor to that box. Seem like it time for a little orange creamsicle. An' the Tuva-Tuva ain't got no word for it, but they know what it is. It the 'sun kiss.' 

See, them Tuva-Tuva been brought here more 'an thirtyfive thousand years. They can stand it. They used a it. All that solar radiation, I mean. It doan do nothin' a them. Earth folk (them new ones, I mean) got take special pill. They got wear special cream. All on account a Mars don't got no magnetic field. Ain't no sky magic holdin' back all that crap come shootin' out a the sun.

Big Poo-Poo woman jus' wanna help 'em. She jus' wanna see what kind l'il tugger she goan get if she put one a her folk wit' one a 'them.' An' so far, 'one a them' gone be either Miz India, or Miss Monica. That all she  got on hand........

Depend mostly on who her brother-in-law like bes'.......

Shhhhh, he be here soon........


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