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Every person here has something to say. They're creative, most in literature, commentary or the performing arts, some in the business sphere too. Here are their names, TWITTER SITES and BLOGS. If you have any questions, or would like to share some personal insights, please leave a COMMENT. Thank you. ----- Billy

writes THE HYBRID SERIES of paranormal, psycho-sexual thrillers available on amazon.com
And selling rather briskly, I might add...... in addition to the compelling SPIRIT saga highlighting the intriguing world of the Spiritualist Movement. (moving quite well too!)

countless BOOKS and stories told with a Southern 'CHARM' and enchanted voice, such as THE SANCTUARY SAGA, NO HARM TO CHARM, TEST OF FAITH and CHARMS OF THE SISTERHOOD..Truly an established franchise.

noted actress and author of the autobiographical
romance detailing her special time with JFKjr, COME TO THE EDGE... It's all true. She lived it.

make sure  to visit the blog for info on published stories, anthologies and more. Unique take on contemporary fantasy. Very active in East Coast literary circles. Magic doesn't solve everything... New hit story A ROCK IS A ROCK IS A ROCK...OR IS IT? featured in the acclaimed TALES OF FORTANNIS anthology.... an LARP companion.

Rumor has it his creation, the all knowing, hyper observant vampire, Alexios, will soon make a foray onto the pages of a major glossy, helming an advice/social critique column a la Carrie Bradshaw's famous offerings in SATC. Visit the blog for a taste of what's to  come.

Creator of the well recieved - THE NEW ADVENTURES OF BABY JESUS series, an irreverent, though well meaning 'take' on ....well, actually, just about everything... SNL with a heart.

Leader of an extremely popular L.A. literary/media salon featuring stars (for real) and 'about to be's' in a series of pivotal events providing insights and info... Look for her book DON'T JUMP real soon.

the cultivated, intelligent, VOICE OF MADRID...a decidedly European take on business, society and contemporary life. Ask a few questions. You'll learn a lot.

Like Vegas? She KNOWS Vegas. She REALLY knows Vegas. In fact, some call her THE VOICE OF VEGAS too. What do you want to know? Follow. She'll answer...

Celebrity kingpin of what's become the hottest, wittiest, talk-humor-political commentary site on the web.. If you're not following this one...why? Look for countless other sites, such as Huffington Post, blogs and more.

more blurbs on such people/sites as the inimitable 
.@curriegraham - (talented, well liked TV/film personality)
.@BobBalaban - (truly memorable character portrayals) 
.@MrCraigBierko - (acclaimed actor)
.@WendyLiebman- (creator of contemporary comedy)
.@Pretty_Veggie (creator of contemporary cuisine)
.@ChristineVarchon- (WOW! what a filmography!)
.@Roger Grubbs - (movie in the works too!)
.@timkatent-(jazz/music notable)
    Mister .@david_steinberg - (comedy voice of a
    plus many, many more.............................

Are you one of the 'more'?....... Well, leave a COMMENT. Who knows.

For as Doctor Frank-en-furter says ~~Don't just dream it. Be it. ......... (sounds facile, but it's true)

And another thing...Check out these people and sites. We know what we're talking about... Just gotta say--- with the warm weather months upon us, .@dhagburg is an expert 'bout the REAL Jersey Shore. 

<~<~<~<~<~<~< BILLY >~>~>~>~>~>~>

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