Wednesday, April 18, 2012


And then it happened. I saw a glow, a nebulous light upon the rough, stone wall. The rats saw it too. I could hear their frightened cries, as they scurried through the cracks. 

A face appeared. Was it just an illusion? A play of light and shadow upon the uneven surface of the wall? But it seemed to move beyond the wall, into the very space of my prison. I backed into a far corner. What manner of necromancy was this? Now remember. I was all alone, a vulnerable waif in the presence of my enemies...... and I was terrified. A cool, blue, luminence flickered over the form of a being, as it emerged from the dead, hard rocks. And ten heartbeats later, the master stood before me. I screamed. He crushed my against his chest  to stifle the noise. A guard banged on the door --- Rats got your tongue?.....he said. 

But this was no spirit. My master was here. He had not been killed. He had not been captured. The dominee was 'alive.' He whispered in my ear -- Quiet. Quiet. I've come to set you free........... I looked into his glittering eyes and said --- How? ....... For there were secrets known to vampires I had never learned.

He said - All in good time. Do you trust me, child?....... I nodded. Then he wrapped me in his arms and kissed my head. I felt the heat pass through me. No, it was more than heat. It was an energy. We rose up from the flagstones till our feet dangled just off the surface. Two souls suspended in a gossamer cloud. His strength flowed through me. The very matter of our bodies was transformed. And we passed back through the thick, stone wall. I felt the pressure. I felt the friction, as each molecule of the igneous rock pulled against the particles of my being. And then it was over. The air was clean. I was free. Well, in a manner of speaking. His teeth dug deep into my neck, drawing forth the blood. I swooned. He bore me into a nearby alley, there to finish the deed......... I give to you . And you give to me. True love. True love..... That's a very old song... but somehow very apt.

And ten score heartbeats hence it was over. My life was done. The journey just beginning....

The Elferina - Vampirina was born. And how do you know my tale is true? ( she flashed them a sly, little smile, showing her teeth)....Ask him (gesturing toward the dapper, old gent she'd kissed before). He knows........... The old gent nodded and wept.

No one said a world. The salon was quiet. And only the clocks ticked on.......

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