Saturday, June 2, 2012


Please excuse any errors. Zebulon is not too adept at this manner of verbal chicanery anyway. And besides, what I'm transcribing is happening so fast, even a disembodied spirit has trouble comprehending it all.

We are back in the gray, dingy, tiled confines of an underground concourse passageway. It's long...very long. It's narrow. It's a lone, little roadway to Hell.

The monk-not-quite-a-monk stands his ground. The dogs tremble. The beta dog pees. Annie sees. She smells it and she laughs. She yells - Bad doggie! Bad doggie!.... and her words echo metallically through the tube.

We hear a scream from somewhere down another passage. But that bit of gory mayhem belongs to another's nightmare and is not part of our own. An old goat sings 'I'm Popeye the Sailor Man,' then laughs until he cries.

Annie goes 'pssst!' and says - Weird around here, ain't it? Better than the television........ Then she scrambles along the roof of the tunnel like a a real fast, crazy spider.

The monkish enemy mumbles prayers, as the juvenile monster races toward him. But it's too late. She's right there, leering down at him from above. The dogs cower at his feet. One makes a half-assed attempt at a growl. Annie instantly replies with a seering, cat-like hiss. The dogs turn and tear off on a frenzied run down the passageway......

And then, there were two. She levitates off the ceiling, spins 'round and slowly studies him....... Hey, mister - she says.... you got like a bald spot..... She reaches down to touch it. His hand shoots out to fend her away. But she grabs it by the wrist, pulls it to her mouth... and quickly bites off  the thumb, right up to the first knuckle...... He writhes in pain. His eyes flutter. She savors it for a few heartbeats, then spits it square in his face, almost knocking out an eye. He screams. She giggles. She mimics him, as the blood drips down her chin.

He whispers - Don't kill me. Don't kill me.........She floats down a bit, staring nose to nose. He cringes and turns away, as the little vampirina whispers - I won't... Not tonight.

Then the lights (dim as they are) begin to wink out at either end of the passageway, til only one, sputtering right over his head, remains. He raises his eyes in supplication. It sputters some more. Annie goes - Uh oh......  The bulb crackles, pops and burns out..... Darkness reigns. Annie giggles, as the 'enemy' begins to scream.....


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