Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Scientifically Enhanced, Doctor Benjamin Franklin Takes The Helm

I have not communicated with you for a while. Long time friends of this world will know me. I did not die back in the early days of the American republic, but rather found ways to further my survival, via such means as the crystaline perfection of my Grand Armonica (google Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz  Armonica Doctor Franklin and you shall find it)  and other efficacious means. 

I am a searcher and a scientist. I am Doctor Benjamin Franklin, speaking to you from my compound deep beneath the surface of The Philadelphia Navy Yard. Google The Anti-Enchantment Bureau. The Vampire Wonderland has become quite a place. A myriad of sites refer to our world. The life eaters know me. We study each other. They have been my 'guests' and I have sojourned with them. But now we go our separate ways. Will it always be like that? No, that's just how it is right now. 

But I wanted to clarify some things about the juvenile vampirina known as Annie. She is not the same as full grown life-eaters. Nor is she but another elferina-vampirina. Her situation is unique and no one, 'human' or vampire, knows why.

It appears that she has inherited certain traits from her 'father,' the incredibly ancient vampire known as Papa. Some say he resembles a thirty two or thirty three year old version of Richard Gere. Others see a likeness to the young Alec Baldwin, from his Beetlejuice days. But that is not important. Papa has a talent we call Sympathetic Transference. He can 'will' quantities of matter, such as dust motes or screaming humans, from their natural place in our world and instantaneously send them somewhere else, such as the outer arrondisements of Paris, or the titanic, soul crushing, roiling surface of the sun. Needless to say, those on the solar tour are supplied with an invisible protective bubble. And veterans of such  voyages are not the same when they get back...... if they get back.

Imagine hovering above planet sized waves breaking over the immensity of the stellar plain, or plunging down into mysterious, burnt out, solar voids.....'Sun Spots' I think they call them. Nightmares beyond nightmares. Would you survive? Would you still be sane?

Annie can accomplish such things. The monkish enemy knows. He has seen places far beyond the twisted borders of Hell. Glued to the carapace of  a galleon sized cockroach. Crushed by an asteroid the size of Japan. Fricasseed by witches (real ones) in a giant cyclops skull.

And now he lies quivering upon the cold, bare concrete floor of his domicile.... a deserted warehouse, surrounded by dogs. Oh, he will survive..... but he will be changed.

She said she would not kill him, but what she did was worse...... For now he has seen power...... and he wants it...


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