Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Vampire ALEXIOS is Our Friend

Gotta wait til tomorrow to find out who the VAMPIRE in the shadows is. My foot's caught in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE again and something is T-T-T-TICKLING it.

And I'm stuck laying on the FLOOR, typing this on my STOMACH, 'cause the elusive PORTAL is right by the DOG DOOR. Once I got my foot stuck in there too.

I hope SOMEBODY comes home soon, 'cause in two minutes I'm gonna need like a BEDPAN, or a BIG WOK, or something...

But why should you SUFFER? Go have FUN. VISIT . And even if  you can't click on it, GO ANYWAY. READ THE BLOG. SCROLL DOWN. EXPLORE A LITTLE. I don't even know how to describe this WONDROUS SITE to you. All I can say is TRY IT. YOU'LL LIKE IT! ------- Billy

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