Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Not much to tell tonight. The life-eaters are all tucked in nice and cozy with Doctor Franklin and the 'guys' down in the underground compound of The Anti- Enchantment Bureau. It's odd. Millions of people drive by the spot. You can see it from Interstate 95. The pill-box-like entrances to the subterranean labs, clinics, research center, 'menagerie' and residence (Franklin's extensive quarters are positively palatial) are all right there, but nobody ever notices. It's like a virtually unknown Area 51 hiding in plain sight among industrial and governmental installations. They still make ships there (not at the 'bureau' but elsewhere on the sprawling site) and international conglomerates still do whatever it is international conglomerates do. 

Some people (a VERY small group) claim to detect strange frequencies and energy pulses leaking out from the bureau's laboratories. They blame them on Doctor Franklin's work with the Great (or 'Grand') Armonica, a device he's been tinkering with since pre-Revolutionary times. The current model is huge and very much a product of the digital age. 

And for those who are new to all this, let me reiterate----- Doctor Franklin is NOT a vampire. That's not how he's achieved his longevity. The old reprobate preserves his physicality via carefully controlled exposure to the strange, harmonic energy given off by his favorite 'plaything.'

Google -- Vampire Wonderland, Doctor Franklin, Great Armonica for more.

I suppose a response to the mayhem brought on by Grigori Usipov (the Russian, nationalist, vampire, oligarch) is in order. Just know that plans are being made. Washington has it's own cadre of life-eaters billeted in safe houses all around the DC area, not to mention embedded cells within various factions of The Russian State. And not just Russia. But we can't tell you any more, for if we did, we'd have to suspend your animation.... permanently............ What did you think, they only lived in stark, poetic manor houses out on the English Moors, or baroque, little jewel-box, petit palaces hidden away on twisted, urban byways? Please! Some of them shop at H&M and everything. A few enjoy a James Bond existence, with custom wardrobes, fine automobiles and physically impeccable bed partners. (They're motioning. They don't want me to tell you more)

Now our Philadelphia contingent tends to be rather traditional, not in a Dracula sort of way......no coffins, or anything like that. But an urbane, metropolitan lifestyle suites them. Though I'm not talking about the 'elves' and 'cherubs.'  They are unique and remarkable in and of themselves.

If you've been with us for any length of time, you know most of this. But we get questions from novices and repeated explanations are necessary.

Please, ask us anything via a COMMENT. And tell others about this strange, apparently 'fictional' site. Look, We're not going to tell you what to believe, but..... you know.......

Thank you and good night. .....<episode 731 of the vampire wonderland..... enough material to fill five full length volumes....... Google --- blog, Vampire Wonderland. get us via atom or RSS..... you probably know more about that stuff than we do.... scroll down to the very bottom of this offering for more>

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