Thursday, July 12, 2012


First of all, we must agree that what comes next is fiction.... Some of you obviously remember that sentence. We used to begin each early post with it, in an effort to obfuscate the truth from those who'd do us harm. 

In light of what we are about to tell you now, we must return to that practice. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

Old World power brokers have formed alliances with life-eaters since ancient times. Cheops, first historically recorded king of Kemet (Coptic for Egypt) imported vampire functionaries from Sumer, in far off Mesopotamia. Indeed, one such blood drinker even followed him into the tomb in an effort to revive his mummy. But the chemical and surgical mutilation of the body prevented that. So the vampire in question rallied all her powers of sublimation and 'resonated' through many tons of sandstone. I believe she exists to this very day, operating a small string of boutiques in Palm Beach, Heritage Park and The Philadelphia Main Line.

We've touched on it before, but Hitler understood the value of paranormal assistance. He maintained a select stable of vampires, stolen from ranking families throughout the Continent. Their blood helped him and his ghouls survive many trials. Who knows what would have happened if The Red Army hadn't 'liberated' them in the last weeks of the war.

Stalin made use of them. Some say he never died, but rather passed over into the night world rather than succumb to an inconvenient 'romantic' malady. Aparatchniks (well connected, Soviet 'nobles') nurtured this exotic band, spoiling them with fine bijoux and  lavish quarters in meticulously maintained Czarist palaces, in return for timely infusions of  life-enhancing blood.

They survived the fall of  The Communist Dynasty very much intact. A few fell in with the new Russian 'nobles,' the Oligarchs... but an even smaller number grabbed power in their own right. 

One such illustrious gentleman goes by the name of Grigori Usipov...... He has billions, controlling vast seams of iron ore throughout the frigid wastes of Sibir (Siberia), plus (it is rumored) a majority interest in a huge, North American entertainment/communications complex. Perhaps you've been to his parks?

Papa and the 'old bones' are streaking 'cross the ocean in Usipov's newest toy, a wide bodied, custom finished Airbus A340 reported to cost five hundred million American Dollars. Jules Verne never dreamt of such sky-borne opulence. Don't believe me? Ask him. The venerable Frenchman, always queer  for something new, converted to the night world ages ago. I believe he works for George Lucas now. He's very proud of Star Wars.

The 'old bones' just sits there, staring out into the night. Papa, pretty much at home just about anyplace, frolics with a squadron of nubile, though statuesque 'Natashas,' as they bathe, groom and pamper every part of his body in a gyroscopically stabilized, amber-lined spa.

It's good to be a vampire...............


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