Monday, July 9, 2012


It started in Atlantic City. Baylah and Sarah and Tomas came back to the suite. They'd finished distributing their bounty. They gave out a few hundreds, some premium watches and the deed to a nice, modern condominium in a nearby town.

Sarah wanted to retire. Daylight was coming. Tomas was already in the shower. But Baylah felt restless. She turned on the television and began pushing buttons. TRUE BLOOD came up, filling the huge screen with it's own 'take' on vampiric truth. They spoke of spirituality...... night-folk spirituality. They spoke of higher calling and the need to make sense from moral chaos. 

And Baylah understood. She called to the others. They came in and they saw. They saw just how much the current HBO story had in common with their own recent past. For one or two years ago, their kind traveled a path much like this.

'Purpose' is everything to vampires. At least it is to thinking vampires...noble vampires. They see themselves as tragically flawed members of a demi-angelic host. And they take vows, special vows, religious vows......'Cull the wicked. Help the worthy.' Indeed, most still practice some form of their original, mortal, creed. Tomas, for example, is devout, steadfast in his beliefs and possessed of a 'perfect faith.'Sarah is likewise reverential in her own way.

And apparently so are the vampires on television. What a surprise.

If you'd like to explore our path, the one we've revealed here for two years, please scroll back to the beginning. This is our 712th posting. Our tale is a long one. 

And those of you who've been with us since the beginning will remember these words...'First of all we must agree that what comes next is fiction......

The Vampire Wonderland will go on. 


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