Sunday, August 19, 2012

A DIVINE TET-A-TET and a 'MAN' becomes a LAP DOG

I do not know how she achieves these things, but she can do them. Remember, this one is more than just a vampirina. So Madam Shang used her copious abilities to pluck the Russian, life-eater, bad-boy from off the fragrant, winding thoroughfares of the Nepalese capital and put him down in a warm, dark, moist safe place. 

For one heartbeat later, he found himself lying exposed and prone upon the rough, giant (to him, anyway) taste buds of her wet, red tongue.  Now imagine how that must feel, both sensual, yet terrifying. If she swallows he burns. The vampire body is a complete simulation of the mortal form. They have what you have... and more. But then she laughed... and the airy vibrations were wonderful, though the repeated collisions with her hard palate were a little bit difficult to endure. She sensed that and deftly spit him out upon her palm. 

What form of corruption vexes me?- she said. I must remember to flay the palace nutcrackers, for this is not a betel nut........ More than mere vampires ingest whatever they please, don't you know. And Madam Shang was partial to betel nuts, hotdogs, primarily of the kosher variety and anchovies.

The exposed and vulnerable little mannikin quickly jumped up to address her...... Why am I so tortured, oh Porcelain One? Am I anything but respectful and devoted?............. Yes - she said. That much is true, but I noticed you failed to mention 'successful.' ......... And he knew just what she meant. His plot.... his furtive plan to subvert 'western' power via lethal, germ-filled kisses dispensed among certain worthies at an upper crust Hamptons soiree fell flat. Another vampire foiled him, sharing little, blood-filled smooches with those so effected. And so the microbes died. 

Who was that noble 'Pimpernel'?..... Who could tell?....... But Madam Shang, sadly disappointed at the outcome of her plan, punished him. The little (and quite powerful in his own right) Russian, night demon 'crackled' into the shape of a Chinese, Crested, Hairless, which she gave to a functionary, who passed him on to the juvenile yetis. How rough they played. Such loathsome, hairy beasts. His hips and nether parts were already sore beyond endurance. And in 'Madam's' world the torture would go on. 

Yet cultivated demi-godlings are fickle things. And three heartbeats later she called to the palace meat-roasters, commanding them to prepare her favorite dish. How savory. How succulent and sweet. Baby mammoth, stuffed with trussed-up, fetal humans..... How toothsome and satisfying. Tonight she would have two. 

And a desperate trumpeting rose up from the mammoth stables, as a careful selection was made. 

The humans, on the other hand, kept in another enclosure, just moaned.


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