Sunday, September 30, 2012


The Pines are in an uproar. Red Paint People, usually stoic, thirst for revenge. Matilda was special, groomed for spiritual duties and destined to become a Talk-To-God Woman. She stems from a line known to those on Lemuria and other long gone places too. Her Daddy-Man has a relic, the false teeth of the last Lemurian 'Strong Man' (ruler), given to his forebear straight off the glistening gums of the dying royal. Sometimes she played 'Cheshire Cat' with them, but only when her 'big folk' wern't around.

Now the vampires don't want to get involved in all this. Pine folks are more than capable on their own. The contractor's finished. The townhouse is ready. Conrad and Leo can go 'share-sies' now. Edith wants Mister Edith to shuffle off with 'em, but he can't make up his mind, so she ask Sarah for two or three blood vials, 'case he get hurt. You know  how generous Sarah is with them, little, glass, blood vials. Tomas left a few too, but he antsy. Wanna go back and pick up some new fall stuff from a l'il man-boutique runnin' 'round over on Walnut Street. Think they got some leather jackets he been lookin' at.

Edith say - They pushin' in on us. Plain-Folk (non-Pineys) wanna kill this place. Wanna put up all-you-can-eat joints and paint-your-toe-nail-parlors....... That make her sad. That make anybody sad, what got sense. Can't go 'round killin' magic, else alls you gonna have is bricks and paint.

But that big, jolly, round, ole governor they got bouncin'up an' down in Trenton, like Pineys. Maybe he like the trees more'n the people, but they doan care. Jus' so the 'plain' world stay away. Sky gotta be safe for Jersey Devil, you know. 'Sides, we already got the Snatch & Grab. How many store we need?

Red Paints fixin' up a killin' pond. They got two of 'em. One for the lady-folk and one for the gents. No reason. That jus' how they does it. Look like regular swimmin' hole... jus' like a plain, ole skinny dip place. Only killin' ponds is different. Folks cry long time 'fore goin' 'guhk' in one a them. Got somthin' special paddlin' 'round...somethin' mean...and dark... and hungry. Who knows, maybe more'n one. Tie a body up. That is after daintily peelin' off all the clothes. Never know what you might wanna save. Throw 'em in and wait for the party to start jumpin'. Know what they does? They  shove rubber hose in a malf a the victim an' duct tape it in place. Like a long, snaky snorkel what don't come out. Hose real long...maybe twenty feet...maybe thirty...maybe forty. Tied-up bastid lay down there in the mud... in the dark... jus' waitin'. You know, them what does it ain't hungry all the time...mostly, but not always.

Annie want a stay and see, but Sarah and Tomas doan wanna let her. Say she all twisted up inside as it is. So she ask if it OK for her to kill one a the actors in some big, ole, derelict, haunted prison thing they got goin' in Philadelphia. You know, like for Halloween and all. Tomas say he think about it, dependin' on how bad an actor them 'zombies' is. But you know he ain't gonna let her. 

Leo wanna get back to the city too. Sure it mean he gotta put some pants on. But he willin' a sacrifice comfort for vittles. That boy doan hold wit' no 'one nasty victim a month' deal. That boy like a vampire smorgasbord if you ask me. Baylah say he gone be trouble. Maybe Doctor Franklin gotta lock him up or somethin'?

Tomas do like The Pines, though. Say it feel right this time a year, 'cause it The Festival of Tabernacles an all. That the Biblical Thanksgivin', when old time Hebrews camp out in, uh, pergolas, I guess you call 'em. Only wit' lots a sweet smellin' pine boughs on the roof. Doan know where they find pine boughs in the desert. Think God give it to 'em. Maybe I ask somebody next time I get up heaven way....

An' that 'archer' still out there, 'cause next night Miss Mitzi Gaynor, she the next door neighbor dog, come home wit' a shaft in her rump. But that they were able to fix. She limp a little, but at least she live.

Vampires gonna give it 'nother night or so. Tomas get a breath in his piney air....Annie maybe see a big, ole killin' show. That way everybody happy.

Autumn in The Pines is jus' scrumptious...

Oh, and 'bout that other vampiric soul from 'nother place.... Well, he jus' ain't showed up yet... Vampire doan follow no time-table, you know...


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