Monday, September 24, 2012


You know the mer-folk are still out there. Every night they come close into shore...lookin' for stuff. Sometimes plastic bags. They tear 'em up and weave 'em into stuff. Sometimes beer cans. or soda cans... (good source a metal) to use for harpoon tips and tail piercings.

Once in a while they discover half drowned people. Two legged people. Crotch people. People like us. That's when they have 'sushi.' Four or five of 'em gather 'round and start eatin'. Nobody see. No human beans, that is. This all happen few miles out. Starlight twinklin' on them little, tiny, baby waves. Dolphin goin'- Ack, ack, ack. Phosphorescent sea bugs decoratin' everything. Like one a them art nu-vo posters I seen 'round New Orleans when I was a boy. (It me, Mister Never-you-Mind. as if you did not know.). Human bean start screamin'. by then it got the pants ripped off, underwears too. But them mermaids and mermen ain't no cannon balls. They doan eat no arm, or tittie or neck, or belly, 'cause that wouldn't be right, seein as they got those parts too. Mostly confines theyselfs to what grows from the hips down. Shark-fish chomp up them other parts. Ain't no big thing to them 'cause they ain't got no titties, jus' real big heads wit' lots a teef.

That how it is. Everybody think - Oh, ain't that mermaid nice. Doan she look jus' like a angel what ain't got no brassiere? But you never see 'em when company not around.

I got lots a stories like that. Mister Never-You-Mind been floatin' 'round a long time. Once I went to Europe in the nineteen forties. Saw that monkey-faced French gal, Coco Chanel rubbin' up 'gainst them Germans. Givin' 'em perfume and stockin's and all...... Oooo! Know what else I seed? I seed Nazi 'scientists' make bare, little, cryin' children lay down on them slabs they slide into them pizza-oven-lookin' crematorium things they got....... Jus' push them bones over to the side. There, you got plenty room...... Then they bang em shut and light it up..... Wanna see how the 'right kind a folks' dies in a fire. Got thick little windows in the side and everything. Know how hot them ovens get? Two thousand degrees..... Like lava..... and the fire come shootin' in from everywhere....... Gangster fellas burnt me up in a fire too. Dowsed me wit' gasoline and everything. I know how that feel.... Poor, little lonesome children. Some a them still got teddy bears..... That true and that did happen.

Doan know why all this come into my head right now. Still a nice night in the Pines and all. Maybe I pickin' it up from Tomas. They tried to burn him too, you know. That like a thousand years ago, but even though.... he still remember. 

Maybe I get some a them burnt up little children a visit him. Let him see they all right. Wit' the Holy Day comin' up he like that.

I feels them things, 'cause I very spiritual too.

Jersey Devil (a growed one) gonna take Sarah and Annie up for a ride. You know how they got them big wings and all? So please excuse me, 'cause I wanna go watch.

Pines get strange at night....They get real strange...


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