Wednesday, September 19, 2012


They retreated into a cellar and there the deed was done. The blood went out. The blood came back. And after a time the young man died. But that is such a limiting term. His soul went on. His lungs and every other part of his body survived, yet in a preserved state, free from change and corruption. It was the entropy, leading to death, that died. He existed in a perfect, blemish-free incarnation..... an angel on Earth, but with fangs. 

Fourteen hundred heartbeats later he shed his skin. It came off in long, hot, soapy strips. Then she bathed him with cool water drawn from a sink in a nearby washroom and dried him with rough paper towels. He looked in the mirror and smiled, admiring the really rather small, sharp, feral teeth. They gave him such a rakish look. He stepped back and posed. So admirably thin. Illness can do that. But the sores were gone, thank God. And his musculature now had a brand new, finely drawn aspect, like an old illustration in a nineteenth century book. 

Someone approached, a custodian waxing the halls. He felt it all over his body. Each tiny nerve quivered with a frequency known only to night-folk. Sharks have a sense like this. But I don't know if that means anything. 

Sarah whispered. She said - It's time to leave. So they soundlessly ran up some polished concrete steps, pushed open a metal door and went back to the dark, little niche with the others. 

Bum Number 2 sat up and said - Larry, you're all naked?..... Bum Number 3 just stared. ....... Larry (the new vampirino) smiled sheepishly. He didn't know what to tell them. They were his friends, after all. Vampire verbal skills are not a given. They take time. So Sarah stepped in. She pulled a few garments out of her shoulder bag (a t-shirt, briefs, jeans, even flip-flops) and said - Here, get dressed....... And he did...... The others said nothing. I supposed they sensed the magic.  When he was done they leaned back against the cool, stone wall. 

Bum Number 3 cleared his throat and said - Hey, lady, anybody ever tell you, you look just like Susan Sarandon? From when she was young, I mean........ I get that all the time - said Sarah....... You gonna do any magic to us? - said the first bum......... What do you mean? - said Sarah............ Come on - he said. I know you did something. Look at him. He ain't sick. I can tell. I know magic. I know what magic is. My mother used to read head bumps at the carnival, OK?..... Sarah raised her eyebrows. Such a true connoisseur....... What would you like me to do? - she asked....... Nothing - he said. Just make me a porn star. Just a porn star. And give him back his false teeth. He lost 'em and they was almost brand new. Guy at the mortuary gets 'em for him. OK?.......... Sarah smiled and said - Here, drink this...... Then she passed each a small glass vial filled with her own rare elixir. Bums, not being too fastidious where drink is concerned, quickly downed the enchanted blood. Then they giggled. Bum Number 2 looked down his pants and said - Wow! So what? Now I'm a porn star?....... If you want to be - Sarah said....... Bum Number 3 ran his tongue along his smooth, bald gums and added - My teef gonna grow back?....... Uh, huh - she said. But you'll have to be patient. That may take a week or two...... Bum Number 3 nodded. I guess he understood.

Then, as things played out. She gave them money, five hundred dollars each.  They thanked her, gathered up their kit and scampered off to find safer digs, whispering good-byes to Larry as they did.

Forty nine heartbeats later, Sarah turned to Larry and said - Shall we?..... So they got up, walked out of the niche and proceeded through the city...... He quietly asked - Did he get his wish? So what? Now he's gonna a porn star now?........ I don't know - she said. I gave him health. What he does is up  to him. Look, it's not what we get, but what we do with it. The purpose of life is possibility. Lesson number one from La Ciencia Vampirismo. Remember that. OK? 

Larry, the new-born vampire nodded. Then they waited for the light, crossed the street and went home...


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