Friday, September 21, 2012


The meal went off without a hitch. They followed the gentleman down the street, careful lest they appear to be common muggers. Tomas is a virtuoso. He plays the tune so well. It happened near one of the large, equestrian statues by City Hall, the huge, Second Empire, wedding cake occupying a central position between the two rivers,(Delaware and Schuylkill, in case you don't know). The central courtyard, accessed via four massive arches, was closed. Locked in by grates as stout as any castle's. And the illuminated, buttery face of the clock in the tower read three. Tomas always preferred dining late, so it's only natural his students adopt a similar pattern. On the third strike of the great chimes he stopped, the gentleman, I mean. The vampires stopped too, melting into the shadows with a natural, instinctive grace. 

Tomas whispered - He killed her here. Slit her throat with piano wire. Fast worker, he is. A master. An artist of the garrote. And she was but the last. Been meaning to 'cull' him for months. Had the dreams and everything. But you know how it is. Work piles up. So I give him to you. There should be no guilt. Some vampires feel guilt during 'first flesh.' But he's such a loathsome beast, I know you won't be burdened by that.

What should I do? - mumbled Larry..... Just like we said. Glide up behind him. Right hand to the forehead. Left crossed the chest. Pull back with the right... a little to the side too. Expose the neck and enjoy. At least I hope you enjoy it. Sometimes 'first flesh' goes by like a blur. 

Larry gulped and nodded, fidgeted with his pants  (They really were 'tight in the pee-pee) and did it. The man flinched, just for an instant, but vampires are quite strong, even new ones and approximately seventy or eighty heartbeats later he was done. The refreshed, young novice just stood there, drawing the nourishment deep into his tissues, as the empty murderer lay at his feet. Two rats ran over, but Tomas shewed them away. Then he whispered - Take the wallet. Take the jewelry. Quick! Quick! Do it! Do it!..... Larry fumbled a bit, but managed to perform the task. Soon after, various points on the body ignited into 'cold' blue flames. Small fingers of fire licked their way across the carcass til it was consumed, leaving only a thick, viscous, greasy residue. The rats were welcome to that. Larry laughed, til Tomas shushed him. Then they stepped out from behind the statue, or rather the sizable, stone platform supporting it, and continued down the street. 

Larry said - What should we do.... about my name and all?....... Tomas said - I thought you wanted to keep your own......... No - said Larry. Not now. Not 'after.' I didn't realize. I didn't understand....... And now you do?- asked his teacher........ Larry nodded - I do. I do. Larry Rose just doesn't seem right. Besides, my family wouldn't like it...... Have any ideas? - said Tomas...... Leo. I like Leo. It's strong and kind of Italian. I'm Italian, you know. So 'Leo.' It's gonna be 'Leo.' Yeah, 'Leo.' - said Larry........ Then 'Leo' it is - whispered Tomas. 

They stopped into an all night bodega to buy hoagies, silently waiting while the kid wrapped them up. Then they gave them out to two or three homeless souls they met along the way.

A little while later, Tomas and Leo went home. Sarah waited to hear all about it. Edith served hot cider (the hard variety) and then they went to sleep. 

Tomorrow night they'd head for the Pines...


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