Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hi, how ya doin'? This is Edith, the Jersey Pines, 'pow-wow' witchy lady. I know we talk about special talents and abilities every once in a while, but some of  you may not have any. So now I'm gonna tell you...... You do. Everybody does. Animals like dogs got some too. Only I really don't know what they do with it.

And please don't rush out buyin' a lot a Halloween lookin' crap... No wands.... No crystal balls.... No dried up monkey's hand (unless you need it for like a recipe or something). 'That' stuff is for illusionists.... and we ain't that. OK, some DO use a prop, but only to help them focus. Actually, you can stare at whatever's around...the vacuum in the corner..... a crack up on the ceiling....... a chair....a picture...... a piss stain on the rug. A lot a people use the television. They turn down the sound and concentrate on the image. Old, black and white movies and TV shows work best. I've heard stories that say it's because the people you're lookin' at are dead. But I don't know. The kid stars ain't, not yet, anyway.

Then all you gotta  do is visualize what you want to happen. By that  I mean you can manipulate things that already exist. But you can't create no new stuff. Only toy companies, factories and fertility labs can do that.

Say you want money. Then you focus on 'lucky opportunities'..... Feel the fortune..... Taste the happiness..... Savor the power.... Make like it's already happened..... Make like it's a done deal.... Hold 'it' in your hand.

The Lucky Opportunity thing  works for lots a stuff. It's a biggie. I'm gonna put up a symbol right now ~~~ (o)(o) OK, you got it? Now stare at it.... Really stare at it. It knows what you want. It wants to help. And it's not evil. Look, you can add any other prayer you want. Something from C.C.D.. Something from Hebrew School, or Sunday School... Anything. But keep looking at the (o)(o) ... And FOCUS...Feel it... No, do it. Really do it. 

I'm getting some stuff right now. Somebody wants good results from a medical test. Somebody wants their future mother-in-law to like them. Somebody wants the plumbing in the bathroom to last til they can pay for new stuff. Somebody wants the roof not to leak........ Somebody wants to dream about a dear departed...... Somebody wants to move away real bad.

So do it. Concentrate. Focus. Lose yourself in the (o)(o) ..... If you like, hold some keys in your hand. Keys unlock things so the imagery might help. 

It's all just a question of tappin' into forces. Scientists say even a vacuum (not like a Hoover... a real one) is full a energy. The whole universe throbs with an unseen, potent potentiality. And in an infinite omniverse... everything is possible.

Step right up and try it. You just might be a winner.

That's all I'm gonna share tonight. They got Jack Benny reruns on 'Antenna.'

It's quiet now. The vampires are still out. So I can eat my Doritos and relax.

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Inquiring minds want to know.....


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Nephylim said...

I love that. I could have written it myself, only not half as well. I have a crystal ball... real Austrian crystal. Heavy as hell and probably worth more than all the rest of my junk put together. Do I use it? Hell no! I prefer to read in the surface of a cup of strong black coffee. It's all the little curls of smoke that do it, I think. And I get to drink the coffee afterwards.

The craziest thing of all is that I know it and I can do it but I never do. It never crosses my mind. Now what shall I do with your little eyes. Maybe change the world a little

Billy Kravitz said...

much thanks, as always. I've been to your site and to weave a mighty fine word tapestry yourself. Tweet us at @wilkravitz and always end with your blog link. People (myself included) will definitely wander in.