Thursday, October 4, 2012


The vapors are curious tonight. It gets that way 'round The Hunters Moon. That means October. It's a marvelous night for a moon dance and all that. Mist stay close to the ground. Sidewalk look dark and clammy. You can see the stars, but they peekin' through thin, night-gown clouds. And it hot, for tenth month a the year anyway. Little gnats bitin' ev'rything. Summer doan wanna die, I guess.... but who does?

Annie gonna sneak out. Edith not here. She still wit' her husband. Think right now they clog dancin', or somethin'. It like that in The Pines. Rotten Bastid what kill little Matilda still screamin'. He gone be doin' that a long time. Some folks gather 'round that shaft an' listen. Then, when it get too much, they stuff it up wit' part of a ole, ripped mattress. Got lots a ripped up mattresses in The Pines. 

Sarah know Annie fixin' a go street runnin'. She doan like it. She like when they go out together.... a little girl and her real nice step mother. But sometime even she need a rest. Tomas went to  go see Blackie and Minnie. Doan mix too much wit' them. Minnie most stay up by Arch Street. Used a do real mean pastie dance at The Trocadero. Tassels like propellers, that girl got. Doctor say she got be careful or she gone do somethin' a her Cooper ligament. That the one holds up a boobie. After she pick up 'the burden' (became a vampire) she still do it. Sometime fella in a audience say - Damn, why she still here? Ain't you got no different ass for us to see?....... So boss man start stickin' wigs on top a her head. But that doan work too good, 'cause dancin' still the same. She take it real good when boss man fire her. 'Stead a killin' him, she jus' suck all the blood outta his legs. Shrivel them up real good. You can do it wit' a real tight belt like them smack whores use and all. He in a wheel chair (Minnie buy it for him), but least he still breathin'. (dead now, but you know what I mean).

Blackie mostly run 'round pass Thirtieth Street. He like University City. He like college girl.... Always did. They think he cute, like James Dean or that guy what played Michael the Archangel, who was in Grease.... Guy was in Grease, not Michael the Archangel. Seen him once wit' Lana Turner. He doan know me, but we did lock eyes. You know Lana Turner dead and she STILL smoke? Damn. some people never learn. 

Tomas go see 'em ev'ry once in a while, jus' to make sure things is still all honky-dory. Sometime he give 'em thing, like diamond rings or Rolex watches. Once he give 'em title to a new Mercedes. Tomas real free wit' shit that way. 'Nother time I see him give two hundred thousand dollah to crazy, old lady. She so happy. Go dancin' 'round, slide right off a platform on a the track. Subway train fixin' a make chutney outta her, but two kid from Fishtown (neighborhood along northern ramparts of Center City) pull her out. Know what she do? Send all her daughter to toenail fixin' school. Then she buy a salon. Now she take Zumba lesson three day a week. Hey, it a free country.

Look, look, look.... Annie walkin' pass them Do-Wop sons a bitches. She hate them and they hate her. Oh, they know she little bastid, vampirina. They ain't scared a that, 'cause they mafia. I do not know if it is the real mafia or the artificial mafia. But it look pretty genuine to me. Don't sell smack no more. Just kill folks over money. Things is more respectable that way. They singin'. They sing ev'ry night. It October, but it still little bit hot. Air conditioners goin'. Them what ain't got air conditioner makin' do wit' fans. Seen 'em kill a guy wit' fan once. It a old time 'G.E.' wit' a stiff, wire cage. Mafia guy (or artificial mafia guy) break off the cage, leavin' what look like a 'lectric outboard motor. It not slice through them bones, but rest a him go shootin' off like flyin' salami. 

Annie kill their dog last mumph. It a big, ole, rock hard Pit.... or it was. She jump the fence and pull a leg off. That make dog very angry. You know how pit-bull get?  It wanna go for her throat, but she doan wanna let it. She jump on the back and start kickin' her heels up in it balls. Then, when dog start a cry and all, she lean over and bite it in a neck. Not the throat... the neck, where them bones be. Say she like that crunchy noise. South Philly row house got little yard, like a jail cell, what ain't got no sky. No, 'roof,' I mean. And when she done it all red, just like sloppy paint job. 

Them mafia princes fixin' a do somethin' a her. Oh, they do know how strong she is, but they gorilla too. 'Sides one a them got a evil eye. 

Conrad, her forty year old (but less'n one as a vampire)son, doan wanna get involved. He home. He watchin' ole Jack Benny reruns on Antenna TV. An' Sarah readin' a book. Think it called SHE BECOMES YOU by Odessa Tomes, real, southern evil, cut 'em up stuff. Got it off a smashwords. That on a computer.

See? Mister Never-You-Mind know.

Annie gone down dark alley..... Two gorilla guy gone follow.

Know how it get real quiet right 'fore somethin' gone happen?

Shhh... that how it is now...


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Nephylim said...

I love this voice. Sweet chapter. I've got a bit of catching up to do