Monday, October 15, 2012


Representatives of a certain rare breed want to talk to you. Celeste has something to say. Usually Marianne speaks for the elferino-vampirinos , or occasionally Roland, but the second pubescent vampirina has something to share. 

So come with us to their hidden abode down inside the long buried, old Gimbels subway store. It's dusty and obscured along a maze-like pathway branching off from the Eigth Street station on the Market Street line. The guy who plays sad songs on the piccolo knows the way. He sees them enter in the wee hours of the morning. But they're his friends, always leaving fifty dollar bills or Baum Mercier watches in his money pot. No one ever robs him, 'cause he's swathed in elfin magic. The foursome here in Philadelphia can do that. Vampire enchantment rests differently on each and every soul. Young specimens...the ones known as vampirino-elferinos possess a certain facile grace. Spell-touching comes easy  to them. And although Marianne hogs the spotlight, Celeste is the most talented of all. 

Shhhh... She approaches, climbing out from the ruins of Santa's Workshop, circa 1974. The throne's a little beat up, but you can still tell what it is. They light the place with a plethora of mini, L.C.D. flashlights. Must be a few dozen of them scattered 'round here. Nice effect, don't you think?

She has the requisite pointed ears and long tapering fingers. eyes are a bit large and almond shaped too. Regulars know it comes from the hormones. They continue stimulating growth even after vampiric transformation occurs. Not forever, but for a time, thus the elfin mien. 

And she can fly too. They all can. Flit about like regular little Peter Pans. Knit caps pulled low. Wispy hair framing delicate faces.  Angels with needle-like, baby fangs. Yet elferinos rarely kill for a meal. Quick, little drinks, taken on the fly, like mosquitos do for them. Some donors don't even know. Drunken, late night wanderers furnish a lot of what they need. Familiars willingly make up the rest in return for handfuls of banknotes and dear, little baubles. Pick-pockets, you know. And very good at it.

Please, be quiet. The Lady Celeste speaks ---

Peace to you, oh best beloveds. I need your help to accomplish certain things. A pestilence descends upon the flesh-eaters (humans) a new and brazen, cunning influenza. How hellish the virus and prions can be. Even we're not privy to their motivation. But they plan to eat you. Tiny, tiny teeth will tear away precious bits of life. Often they leave before the feast is done. But once in a while they don't and then the victim dies. Yet we can confront them, you and I. 

Approach me in the shadows when you see me. You know my face. Don't be bashful. Take the vials and share them with those most sorely afflicted. A drop of warm, red magic does the trick. Vanquish Sir Death and beat him low. A tiny kiss of elfin blood upon the lips... the breath of hope and new beginnings. 

They say my blood is strongest and quite suited for the task. Take it to the light, to places I can't go. Be my blessed minions and set this old world right. 

For there are those in Philadelphia with knowledge. There are those with much to teach.  Keep them by the rostrum and save them from the grave. 

What you hear is true....... We only pretend this is fiction.

Yet night-folk need friends and they are you. So step up to the task. 

I go now to bathe in the night. Consider what I say. Touch the magic and do not shrink away.

If you think t'was but a dream, look for me in moonlight. Say my name and I'll be there... Celeste, of the silver eyes....
and that's it. she disappears. come, I'll guide you out.... some of you feel the truth. you know and you are part of it... For 'Puck' is a friend now. And you are his mate too.


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