Sunday, October 14, 2012


Once every twelve years 'El Mundo Vampirido' celebrates. I think the interval has something to do with The Zodiac. Perhaps Tomas will enlighten us, if he feels so inclined. True, the upcoming festivities conflicts with his ancestral faith, as it does with the beliefs of many night-folk. But a good party is a good party. Now, at this time, many Philadelphia life-eaters are freshly made. Sarah, Annie, Conrad, Leo... they're all new. None were vampirino twelve years ago, so attending the upcoming assembly will be very impressive. 

Celebrations are held world wide. Italy's Lake Region positively crackles with merriment and conspicuous consumption. Villas let for unbelievable sums. And I hear a coterie of elferino-vampirino from Los Angeles are bargaining for George Clooney's place, but nothing is definite yet.

Most food comes in from the former Soviet Union. They empty out the prisons. Some say the mental hospitals too. A few chaste night-folk eschew such indulgence, but most crave release. After all, how much harm can it cause? One week (well, ten days, actually) out of six hundred and twenty four? Please.

Tomas looks forward to reconnecting with old friends. There's his old crowd from Charles the Second's time. And assorted fanged, Euro types from all over. Masters of The Dance rehearse ancient routines. The gavote, the tarantella, assorted chardash, stately, Roman promenades, you'll see them all. 

Oh, and the entertainment they bring in! Elvis played there twice. Come on, you did not think he was dead, did you? Noel Coward tickles the ivories. Bessie Smith belts out the blues. And Glen Miller's still got it. Look, there are others I could name, but enough enemies, I got. So you're just gonna have to wait.

Novices come into the fold then too. Attractive wannabes with potential. Maybe they're running from something or someone. Maybe they're sick. Or maybe they're just bored and ready for something new. They pay a lot of money too, sometimes more than a hundred million dollars US. If funds present a problem, well heeled members kick in. Got to keep the party going, if you know what I mean. 

And then another thing.... something strange happens near the end of the revels. The 'Surrendering.' Certain vampires volunteer to go into the light. They even have a prayer ---- Look for me in the knowing eyes of a child. I have been among the dead too long...... Many night-folk believe in reincarnation, you know. Some bring a 'soul bearer,' a young fertile female (human, of course) ceremoniously impregnated at the instant of their immolation and hopefully their future mommy.

Other 'exotics' turn up too. there's always a few witches, disembodied spirits, lucid wanderers (I feel so sorry for them) and the like. Merfolk show up too. some palaces have heated, indoor pools (saltwater, naturally). 

There's supposed to be old films, real grainy stuff from the silent days, showing a Revel from the nineteen twenties. Some of the bastards you'll see here are in it. But I don't know where it is, or who has a copy. A few 'society' vampirina doyennes know, but they like to keep it within their own, little clique. 

We couldn't give you a regular episode tonight. Annie's still settling in. The one they call 'Papa' is hovering around. Edith is washing and cooking. You know she eats. wilkravitz eats. Annie tastes stuff. She throws up later, but she eats it. Baylah's in the den mixing drinks. Alcohol they can tolerate. That they love, actually.

Look, if you know your way around  the internet, see which top drawer, carriage trade hotels fill up in a few weeks. You'll figure out where it is. See who's renting high end properties. It's not hard to discover that. 

But without a connection, don't even think of crashing, unless you want a spot on the buffet table.

Certain pivotal mortals DO show up, however. They have a 'think tank.' Pow-wow with night-folk and everything. Who better to confer with? Vampires know it all, right?

You better say 'right.'


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