Saturday, October 6, 2012


It was quiet in the townhouse. Tomas was home. The meeting with Blackie and Minnie went well. It's easy to get along with them. Real life isn't like TV or the movies. Vampires don't have turf wars like that. They are intelligent beings. When night-folk density reaches a certain point the colony splits. Half move on to conquer new territories. And half stay put. I am sure there might be a little resentment, like - Why I gotta go live in Cincinnati when girl who massage me live right here?!.... But life-eaters are street-smart and savvy. Imagine a town with an excess  of vampires. Vampires on the bus. Vampires buyin' bug spray in CVS. Vampires waitin' in line a see Santy Claus...... It'd be sickenin'. Nex' thing you know, they be teachin' kids in night school.

That why Tomas eyin' Leo an' Conrad right now. Baylah wanna send 'em to Wilmington or someplace. Ain't got no vampires in Delaware. Used a be one live out by race track, but he a compulsive gambler and when he join G.A. they say he gotta get outta there. Don't know where he went. Tomas got his name in a book. Maybe he know?

Sarah watchin RICK STEVES EUROPE on PBS. She say - If he got Europe, who got Asia? Leo know they lookin' at him, so he real quiet. Jus' sit there playin' wit' a hand-held, video poker machine. Think he boosted it form TOYS R US. Eighteen year old skinny bitch they got workin' there give him squinty look ev'ry time he got it. He say - Drop dead, skinny bitch..... But she doan say nothin'. She jus' look. Think like he a male crack whore, or somethin'. I gonna get him a t-shirt that say - I not a vampire. I jus' a male crack whore. That way folks not stare so much. Mos' vampire fit right in. But he do resemble at least like a part time one. Jus' got a crazy look about him. Tomas say - Go. Go. Go run the streets naked. Gone pick you up. Gone lock you up in Doctor Franklin dungeon you doan care...... Tell him all 'bout 'lectric shock an' the Great Armonica. But that Leo doan listen. That why Baylah wanna send him to Jersey. I mean Delaware.

Conrad say - 'Scuse me, but has any a you seen L'il Annie? Sarah say - She prob'ly in her space. She prob'ly makin' little cock roach diarama in glass bottle like she do...... Ain't got no cock roach in townhouse. All the food in Tupper Ware. That how Edith like it. But Sarah doan think 'bout that. She care 'bout Annie. But sometime she jus' tired. Tomas know it. He say - Let's go downstairs..... That where they got like a crypt sunk in a floor. All stone. Heavy stone lid jus' slide in a place. It got like a switch. Contractor charge plenty. 'Familiar' what work out Longwood Gardens send over rose petals. Send over lot a rose petals. They like a mattress. Get new ones twice a week.

Sarah get up. She wanna go wit' him, 'cause that where they play sex. But somethin' make her look in Annie space. Annie not there. She get scared. Tomas look. He scared too. They all wish Edith here, 'cause she know. She know lot a stuff. Only she not here. Edith back in a Pines wit' Mister Edith. Right now she out on a porch learnin' two ghosts how a play Yahtzee. Dat like craps for them what ain't got no balls.

Gangster boys got Annie. They got her all locked up. She in a big ole freezer what used a hold mink stoles on summer vacation. Only gangster boys got it all fixed up. Not so it nice. Jus' so she can't get out. Inside walls all sheathed in lead. Mister Never-You-Mind like that word. 'Sheathed' I mean. Sound like Creole French talkin'. Sound like folks back home. 

Annie not doin' too much. Still got three bullet in her head. They call some kind a doctah. He a pediatrician. He a mafia pediatrician. You know them folk got some bad kids. First Gangster boy say she a vampire gal. Doctah say - Then why you need me? She gone glue herself together. Dat what vampire do..... But gangster boy a little bit human. He say he not want a leave her wit' no maraca head, like when she run around and shit. 'Cause that mus' be some kind a torture. So doctah fixin' a go in a where them mink stole used a live. He got special tweezer, big ones, like what two year old Chinese baby use. Only they doan mess 'round in no brains wit' it. They jus' use it for like coconut shrimp and baby octopus.

Now Annie can think a little bit. She cold. It dark. She scared. Start callin' for her mama. Not no vampire. She callin' for her womb mama.

An' a special cloud, claimin' a be her womb mama, comin' through a wall right now...


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