Sunday, October 21, 2012


Annie has a new thing. She jumps around the house, 'singing' into the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels. Says she wants to be in the Olympics. Don't know what event. Just wants to be in it. Oh, and the song she sings is the theme song from the Olympics ~~~~ dum DUM ta dum dum dum dum... Tum da da dum..da da DUM...ta da dum tum DUMMM. She says that 's the words. Edith says they ain't never gonna let no vampire child be in no Olympics. But Annie says they let worse monstrosities than her in it. She got pictures from an old National Geographic. Edith say they just big boned East German women what got experimented on. 'Sides, they extinct now. Don't make 'em no more...... Annie get angry. She grab Edith's fat arm and start biting it. But that Piney, witchy-woman know what to do. She make that skinny gals teeth fall out. Then she laugh and laugh and laugh. Know it gone take her two nights a grow 'em back. Annie cry. Start kickin'. Edith grab the new dog, that little Avi and say she gone throw him down the garbage disposal. But she won't never do that, 'cause she love him like she love coconut-custard pie.... Annie don't know, though, so she shut up. Take her copy a some tabloid 'bout lady in California who tell fortune by feelin'  strange folk's asses. Edith say that not possible. Annie tell her to go to hell. Annie say she gone be ass-feeler in a Olympics. Win a gold medal too.

Tomas and Sarah back home, so they shut up. They got bags full a puppy chow for little Yorkie and a couple 'cute' sweaters. Edith put it away. Annie go downstairs to watch Chealsea Handler or somethin'. She say she like them foul-mouthed, white girl shows, 'cause that what she is. That her other  new thing now. Ev'rybody on TV is white, or black, or Chinese. She ask Sarah if they taste different. Sarah say that not nice. She worry 'bout that girl...... Little ghost boy in a cellar not like Chelsea Handler. He keep makin' TV fritz out, so they compromise and watch doctah doin' tittie-fixin'  somewhere else...

Tomas take Sarah and go out back. That they quiet talkin' place. Set in them big lounge chairs, cover up wit' them Afghanistan blankets. Look up at the stars and communicate. She like when they communicate, which mostly mean she like when he tell whole lot a crap 'bout hisself..........

This what he tell tonight....

She'd cut me in my sleep, Lydia, I mean and try to lick up the blood. But you know how fast that stops. You know how rapidly it congeals. She'd get some. I don't know how much. I could have tried to read her mind, but truthfully, I didn't want to have that type of intimacy with her anymore. So I took to sleeping with the Circassian women. They were so much more obliging. Perhaps because I owned them. I don't think the vampire part entered into it........ Sarah just looks at him..... Well, I don't. - he says. 

Sarah quietly asks - So you didn't really love her. All those words.... her beauty.... the moonlight.... that first sight of her....were what, just words?..... He exhales - I just didn't want to be alone. It was still all so new to me, being a life-eater, I mean. And I thought she'd make it better.

Did you think that about the others? And, and those times with the 'mole girls,' down in the unused subway tunnels, what, was that the same thing? - she said. 

Tomas didn't answer. They watched the silent lights from a high flying plane, or perhaps a satellite progress across the sky, til it vanished behind an adjacent brick wall. Then he said - Panic filled the city. People scrambled into boats going up river toward Nubian lands, or even farther on to the Ethiopian Empire. True, the Empire was Orthodox Christian, yet not as xenophobic as most in those days..... Then he paused and considered....... 'Those days?' Are we really so much better now?....... He inhaled and went on - The Mamaluk Garrison (already a growing force in the east) set naphtha bombs all about the city, preparing to blow it up. Remember that movie we watched, 'Empire of The Sun,' when the British people were fleeing Shang Hai before the Japanese? Well that's what it was like. The Trinitarians took no prisoners. Every soul was butchered, even the little children. You know, it's odd they think of that as a religious war. Religion had nothing to do with it. The reverent people stayed at home, or were used as 'cannon fodder' if they came at all. The wealth of the east was the thing. And Europe was just too cold.

I waited til dark and raced toward Ben Ezra (the synagogue) eager to see what the elders would do. Most were going overland to the coast. You could find a ship there, sail down the Red Sea and go up to Persia. You know Persia was ... the most liberal country in those days.... They really were. So that's what I did......

Did you take Lydia? - asked Sarah....... No, - said Tomas. But I left her half the wealth and all the slaves.

What happened to her? - said Sarah...... Word reached me in Susa that she made it to Byzantium - he said.... And in that city she found someone to 'burden' her.

So she became a vampire after all - said Sarah.

Yes - he whispered. But then he said no more.


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