Tuesday, November 20, 2012

22ND NaNoWriMo BINGO BOY episode for 11/20/12

Bingo Boy - post 22

Now we're back in the cellar. Days and nights run together down there, so it doesn't really matter. What's important is who's home. And right now, Little Chrissie and Ricky are at work.... Jimmy lays on the cot reading a copy of GOURMET magazine. He eyes the delectable creations. Seared, glazed, Scotch Salmon for The Holidays... Crisp edged, Bohemian Potato Latkes (pancakes) with caramelized apple-chutney topping for Hanukah Time (yeah, they got that too). And he's hungry. And he's impatient. so he glares up at the ceiling and yells ---- Where the hell's my tuna fish sandwich!? I want my tuns fish sandwich!!...... We hear some noise up in the kitchen. Ten seconds later, Marge clip-clops down the cellar stairs carrying a cold can of Diet Coke and a nicely plated, all white meat, tuna sandwich on thickly sliced, whole wheat bread.... She goes - Hold your horses, you old fart, you!..... But she looks and sees that he's angry. And we all know she got a weakness for a flushed faced, not so bad lookin' old man in a sixty/forth blend, printed sheet toga. I don't know. Maybe the bright red, Phillies, baseball cap adds something too? So she passes the plate through a horizontal slot in the bars, takes a seat on the wooden, folding chair and watches, as he slowly savors the food. Then she gives him the can of Diet Coke. Their hands brush. She gasps, as he responds with an equally aroused and breathy 'thank you.' I think she jumped a little when he popped the top. But then she watches him guzzle the cold drink too. And when he's done, he says -  Bring my what I need to bathe... I want to wash my body.... She nods, takes back the plate (topped by an empty, crushed can and goes upstairs. 

While out in the street, a car speeds by, headed for a low, yellow, cheesy moon..... And inside, just a little bit later, we see a plastic basin filled with soapy, gray water. A washcloth floats on the surface..... Jimmy and Marge are making love, standing up, right through the bars of the cage. His lower body is covered by yet another patterned sheet, carefully knotted 'round his hips. And his partner wears a crisp, fresh, yellow housecoat (from when she spent time in the hospital with her gall stones), completely unbuttoned down the front.... The brand new, Phillies cap is still on his head...... Later, as they watch TV (a nineteen inch flat screen brought from her room upstairs), still attired in their 'whoopee' clothes, only now discreetly buttoned and arranged (I think it's an ANTIQUES ROADSHOW episode), She says - You like that little beach chair I got you?.... Jimmy goes - It's ok, but why you not get a pad?....... Marge says - Tomorrow..... Jimmy goes, as he points to the screen - And the sweater we seen on the Kohl's commercial?.... Marge sighs and goes - Yeah, that too.... But then she thinks for a second and adds - Where the hell am I 'spposed a find a Kohl's Department Store 'round here?.....

But he just gives her a defiant look... and she nods...... Modern romance..... Ain't life grand?


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