Thursday, November 22, 2012

23RD NaNoWriMo BINGO BOY episode for 11/22/12

Bingo Boy - post 23

It's cold. It's dark. The kids are out in the alley, taking a break, behind the bingo hall. They got long sleeved t-shirts under their 'polo shirt' uniforms now. Hands are thrust into pockets. Breath clouds form in the air, illuminated by a security light mounted high on the worn, brick wall...... Ricky, Little Chrissie, Big Chrissie and John sit on the little dumpster. It's like their outdoor furniture....... Big Chrissie says - You think I'm startin' a 'show'?......... Little Chrissie says - I don't know. A little, maybe..... John goes - I don't see nothin'. You always look husky to me.......... She pokes him with her elbow..... Ricky says - You gonna keep it? I don't mean get rid of it. I don't mean have an abortion. I know how you feel about that. I mean like give it up for adoption or something......... Big Chrissie goes - Fuck no. No way. We keep our kids in my family, all of 'em. And Jimmy said he'd help out. He said he'd pay for stuff. You know how he is with my grandpop........ John says - Yeah, they watch the All-Hitler channel together. We know....... She sucks her teeth and nudges him with her shoulder. Then she goes - Just wish he'd get back soon. You know how much a stroller costs? Damn... What the hell's takin' him so long?........... Ricky and Little Chrissie just look at each other.

And later, at closing time, after everybody else is gone and Muscles and the new guy are waiting outside, just as they're about to leave, Marty turns to Ricky and says - What's gone on?....... Ricky gets all flustered and goes - What do you mean? Nothin'. Nothin's gone on..... Little Chrissie just looks.... Marty says - I know you want day work.  But it's gotta be like this. You gotta keep workin' your regular shifts. You gotta keep workin' your regular job. Don't change nothin'. Don't act different. Don't. Just don't. We don't want nobody askin' no questions, 'specially that 'Big Chrissie' thing. You got that? You understand what I'm sayin'?......... Ricky goes - Yeah. Sure....... But Little Chrissie just stretches the sleeve down on her shirt to hide her new designer wristwatch.....

Soon after, they go right home, grab a few rolled up slices of processed American cheese, maybe a few slices a salty, cheap ham, watch the baby in his crib for a while and hop into bed. They lay there whispering in the dim, blue light from the small TV...... Little Chrissie goes - Told you there'd be enough room for your stuff in here...... Ricky says - Yeah, there is...... She goes - And why does that surprise you?...... He goes - No, that doesn't surprise me...... She goes - Yes it does. You think I'm just like them other bingo girls. You think I spend all my money on crap. Don't ya? You think I go to Slutty McSlut's Slut Parlor for big, hoop earrings and all. Don't you?.... He just exhales and says - You wanna watch Jimmy Kimmel?..... She goes - No. Charlie Rose. Put on Charlie Rose...... He does and they lay there, watching him announce some dry, starchy Washington insider and a guy who used to give pedicures to the pope.

But ten seconds later she impatiently yanks out her hoop earrings and slams 'em down on the night table.

Ricky pretends not to notice.......


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