Sunday, November 25, 2012

27TH BINGO BOY episode for 11/26/12

Bingo Boy - post 27

And once they got back to the bingo parlor, the rest a the night seemed pretty normal. But  Marty was awful quiet. So were the two Chrissies. So was Ricky. John brought up the story on the internet. He wanted to talk about the blog and all. Little Chrissie made like she was interested. Made like she didn't know a thing. He'll forget. He's like that. Once he bought a book about magic and thought he could do spells. You know. It's always somethin'. But Marty just wasn't right. One a the 'bingo slatterns' (the shills) never showed and he wound up payin' out more money than usual that night. Most times that would set him off. But I don't think he even noticed. Just sat in the back room with his eyes closed...makin' like he was sleepin'..... But he wasn't.  And when closin' time came, the four a them what was in that car couldn't run out fast enough. 'Muscles' came back. Made sure everything was shut tight. Sure he knows how  to milk money out a the old ladies. But basically he's a good guy.... If he likes you. 

Ricky and Little Chrissie went right upstairs. I think they cut a few chunks off a brick a supermarket cheddar from the refrigerator, but that was about it. The baby was already sleepin'. Went in to see him. That, they always do. He's such a nice little guy. Little Chrissie carefully took off his socks. The baby hates to sleep with socks. He wakes up during the night and goes - Hot! Hot! Hot!.... Then he pulls 'em off and throws 'em out a the crib. But he likes gettin' all snuggly with his warm 'blankie' though. And Ricky turned on the small, baby lamp he has. It rotates and throws dim, cartoony, dinosaur pictures on the walls. The baby really likes it. Then they went to bed. I guess they thought Marge was in her room. But she wasn't. Marge was down in the cellar with Jimmy. Oh, they could be real quiet when they had too....  like teenagers in the parlor. My guess is they were doin' somethin' earlier, but not now...... He sits in the cage. She sits outside the cage. He puts his arm around her. Still got that sheet-kilt and sweater ensemble goin' on. Must be used to it by now.

They're lookin' at tv with the sound turned down. Think they're watchin' THE NATURAL. You know, baseball, miracles, Robert Redford, Glenn Close and all. Then a commercial comes on for one a them safe-for-old-folks sit-down-bath tubs. Must a jigged somethin' out a his brain and he goes - I am tired of using plastic slop bucket. Must have ring 'round ass like brand, or tattoo, or something. Must have permanent disfigurement....... Marge goes - No you're not....... How you know? - He says. What you do, look at it?........ She says - Yeah, sometimes, like when I help you get washed...... He gives one, curt nod and goes - I want commode. TV has it. You can get it. They have it. They sell it.

Marge goes - Alright. If I get a chance, maybe tomorrow. Christ, I hope it comes disassembled. You're gonna have to put it together. I can't carry no sick-room crap in here. Somebody'll see...... But then he tickles her ear and she just sighs....

Still, she was thinkin'. She was thinkin' 'bout what she saw the other night, when they got back from the Chinese place. Nobody else saw it. Ricky didn't see it. Chrissie didn't see it. And Mary lived four doors down, so she didn't see it either. But Marge did. Somebody tried to break into the house. There were gouge marks in the door frame. Yeah, the wood was old and not in the best shape to begin with. But these were gouge marks and she knew it.

Jimmy must a heard it. He had to know. But he didn't say nothin' either. Look, he could a been sleepin'. Seemed groggy when they gave him the spare-ribs and all. That could a been it..... Maybe... And maybe not...


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