Thursday, November 29, 2012

30TH BINGO BOY episode 11/29/12

Bingo Boy - post 30

Now sometimes our little family ventures out of their dismal surroundings. They did it on Thanksgiving when they went out for dinner. Today, they took a nice ride up to The Willow Grove Mall, in Montgomery County. And this ain't one a them cheap blue-collar-nirvana, screamin' baby malls either. This one got a Bloomingdales in it and a still thriving Barnes & Noble's too. People actually read around here. They ride up the escalators, calmly holding the handles of their heavyweight, statusy shopping bags. Nobody yells. Nobody cracks gum. They talk quietly to each other. People smile. Nobody reeks of tobacco. 

Little Chrissie and Ricky see it all from their seats in the food court. Baby dumpling is there too. And they look OK. They sort of fit in. She watches Charlie Rose. He still has some half way decent clothes from Target. Nothing wrong with Target, provided you know what you're looking at. And the little guy always looks cute. Some babies are like that, you know. They eat their Wendy's chicken sandwiches and they look. The baby's got a jar of pureed baby chow, so he's OK. Ricky feeds him. He loves feeding him. Look at him lean forward and open his mouth. Just like a little bird. 

Then Little Chrissie goes - I hate my life. Not the baby. Not you. Not my grandmom. But I hate it...... Ricky focuses on the little guy and goes - I know..... She says - Then what are we gonna do about it? Live like this forever? Just grab whatever Marty throws at us? And then we can't even spend it or put it in the bank or anything, because somebody, like the government is gonna want a know. They're gonna want to know where it came from. We're livin' the same way Jimmy lived and I don't like that.......... They lapse into silence. She studies the crowd and adds -  Ricky, do you like being together with me and all?..... Ricky says - Yeah, sure. Of course I do....... Little Chrissie goes - You know, I gave up smokin' all together. Not even three or four times a day, like before. Did you notice?....... He spoons another mouthful into the hungry baby and says - Sure I noticed..... She says - Are you glad? You know, I'm the first non-smoker in my whole family........ He says - Sure I'm glad...... She goes - Why?........ He says - Because your hair don't smell like shit no more....... She gives him a look..... He adds - Come on. You know I care about you.... She smiles from ear to ear. And the baby goes into his clap-clap-clap, ya-ya-ya-ya act.

A well dressed, retired couple at the next table (eating salads, naturally) turns around and tells Ricky how adorable his little 'son' is. He says - Thank you... Wipes the baby's mouth and doesn't miss a beat.

Then they finish up, ditch the trash and happily amble off to go get the little fella  a nice warm winter coat. And you know what? They DO sort a fit in.......


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