Monday, December 10, 2012

40TH BINGO BOY episode 12/10/12

BINGO BOY - post 40

Somethin' happened at the bingo joint. Marty put somethin' in the pay envelopes. All the kids is lined up in the back room right by the desk. Muscles stands there. The other one, the second 'Muscles' walks back and forth out front. Don't know what he'd do if a whole crew rushed the place. Did that to a bingo hall up by Trenton. Big haul too. Got fifteen thousand dollars from the safe, thirty one hundred dollars from the women (some was men, but you know what I mean) plus a whole lot a little engagement rings. Cops come. People screamin'. One lady show 'em where her head bleedin'. But she got that fallin' in the toilet after. Folks on the 'Avenue' know Marty give whole lot a money to the cops. Like for the widows and orphans and all. Plus he spread 'round lot a 'Jimmy stories.' Nobody wanna mess with a crazy Russian, even if he is a Ukrainian.

But when they walk outside after, Little Chrissie say to Ricky - You get one too?..... He go - Yeah.... She say - It's the same place as last time..... Ricky say - Uh huh.... She say - We goin'?..... He just shrug...... Seven minutes later, when they walk in the house, they find Marge in the cage wit' Jimmy. An' they not mushin' up or nothin', just paintin' the walls. He like a pale beige color. Can say 'sand,' but it beige to me. Still got his leg all chained though.... Marge say - You like it? Now the floor looks dumb, though. Think they got some area rugs at Kmart..... Little Chrissie say - Not now, 'gram.' We gotta talk..... Jimmy know when somethin' up, 'cause he a hood and he jus' know.... Looks to Ricky for an explanation. Ricky goes - Marty wants a talk. Wants a meet us after work at that place he likes. Should we go?.... Jimmy say - Go. Hear what he got a say. Then we see. You missed a spot.... But he didn't say that last part to them. That was for Marge.

So they fix themselves up a little bit and ten minutes later they on their way. Are they nervous? Hell, yeah, they nervous. First they park the car. Then they walk inside. You know folks is still eatin' dinner at eleven o'clock. I can't figure that shit out, but people do it. Guess it a Saturday night thing. That when they get paid. Bingo kids, I mean. Ricky say somethin' to the take-you-to-your-seat bastid. And take-you-to-your-seat bastid take 'em to Marty. He in the back at a real quiet table. Got Muscles wit' him too. They eatin' shrimp cocktail. Guess they hungry..... Marty go - Good, sit down. You want some wine?.... He start pourin' from this bottle he got. Little Chrissie watch it go in a her glass... Ricky say - Why he here? (he mean Muscles)... But Muscles just sit there. He ain't nervous, or nothin'..... Marty go - He my helper. You know that. What you care?... Little Chrissie goes - So, Marty, what are you gonna tell us?...... But waiter come over an' Marty go - Later. Eat first. Then we talk.... An' lemme tell you, that one real quiet dinner. Food good, though. Petite, New York strip steak, polenta (that like a new mash potato), some kind a salad. It got a egg in it, but it smell good. Muscles wanna get cake, but Marty give him a look... 

Then Ricky goes - I jus' want it to be over. I want it to be done. I want it to be forgotten..... Little Chrissie goes - We just can't live like this anymore....... Ricky go - Everybody know how many cow you slaughter in there. An' each one give you forty dollar for the privilege. You got a lot a money. We talk 'bout this before. You know... Muscles chuckles... Marty say - Sure, I know...... Ricky say - All right. Good. We want the three hundred thousand dollars. (but he flinches. then he goes) And you know what? We'll split it with you..... Little Chrissie looks, but she doan say nothin'....... An' Ricky say - One time. That's it. One time  and we outta here....... Marty look at Muscles. Muscles look at Marty. They shake they heads. They nod........ An' Marty say - Lemme ask you. You want this money for doin' what?...... Little Chrissie whisper - Be careful. They could be recordin' the whole thing..... But Marty jus' shake his head... An' Ricky go - For helpin' to disolve the partnership you had with Jimmy..... Muscles snorts... Marty go - Jimmy? Jimmy? Who the hell is Jimmy?........ Ricky jus' look.... But Little Chrissie go - Big Chrissie know. She know. Why you not ask her?....... Marty say - That old fart was nothin' to me. I never had a partner. He just hung around for that cheap whore. That's all. Muscles, I ever had a partner?...... Muscles go - Nah....... Ricky look like he gone do somethin'. But Marty go - Please doan get stupid on me, 'cause he (means Muscles) ain't the only 'help' I got 'round here...... Ricky see two beefy guy in tight suit at nex' table, so he doan do nothin'. He jus' sit there...

Then Marty order the cake.......


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