Friday, December 14, 2012

44TH BINGO BOY episode 12/13/12

BINGO BOY - post 44

Bank guard still don't unlock the door yet. They never open on time. Nine o'clock for them don't come til nine fifteen. Car windows are all fogged up. See, actually they're parked a little ways over from the bank. Jimmy don't want no security camera takin' pictures a the licence. He wipes a little 'hole' in the misty, wet part, so they can see out. Ricky wipes doughnut powder off his mouth and says - How'd you find this place?..... Jimmy shakes his head. He can't believe this. He goes - Jesus Christ! You not know? I thought Jew supposed a be smart!......Little Chrissie goes - Hey, Jimmy, ain't you a Jew now?..... Jimmy goes - But I a smart one! I a smart one. Gimme your phone! Gimme your phone!...... At this point, Ricky don't want no friction, so he contorts his body (gettin' phones out a blue jeans pockets is tough) and hands it over. Right away, Jimmy starts snappin' it apart. Ricky goes - Hey! Hey!..... But Jimmy impatiently swats his hands outta the way. Then he shows him a little circuit thing inside. Shoves it right in his face. Goes - Here! Here! Here! Any dumb, dope with two dollar and a Radio Shack know what to do. You went to college!? I go college too! I go good college! I go big college....... Little Chrissie goes - What, prison-college?..... He grunts and was just about to say something, but then the guard opens the door....... Ricky goes - Oh, God! What do we do!? What do we do!?..... Jimmy goes - You not gone do nothin'. I go inside.Me, just me. I got paper. I got card. I got licence. Not genuine, but it 'real' all right. They not gone stop me. I Marty..... And he shows him. I guess in Odess' they learn you how to do everything.

So the two of 'em watch the Russian exit the car, hitch up his pants, straighten his jacket and march over.... Little Chrissie says - How much you think is in there?..... Ricky goes - I don't know. Saw them stuff a micro-wave with money on Ellen once. Held what, twenty five thousand?...... Little Chrissie says - Yeah, but you don't know what he got in there. Could be a real big one. Some boxes hold like a little end table. Like a box big enough for Ted William's whole head, you know?...... Ricky says - How you know all that?... She goes - Saw it in a James bond movie once..... He goes - Oh.

Now they DO figure it must be some big amount. A hundred thousand. Two hundred thousand. Gotta be. And they sit there, all nervous, not makin' a sound and lookin'. Few people go in. Few people come out. Shoe place next door open up. Five Guys Burger open up. Guess they got like a breakfas' sangwitch, or somethin'. Ricky start shakin' his leg. You know, that thing where the knee bounce up an' down when people get nervous?....... Little Chrissie go - Will you stop that? The whole car vibratin'!..... Then Ricky go - Look! Look! Look! He's comin'! He's comin'!...... But it not him, jus' an ole bastid what look like him. Then she go pee in the Dunkin Donut. Then he go pee in the Dunkin Donut. ...They sit some more. They curse. They sit. They hope. They pray..... But no Jimmy.

Ricky say - I'm gone in..... Little Chrissie go - Me too...... So they jump out the car and trot over. He go first. She go second. You know how them red-light, green-light door work?... Place real quiet. Folks wait in line. Folks gettin' money. He see the sign for the safe deposit boxes. Got a real angry faced girl, dressed like a cop, sittin' on a foldin' chair outside. Door open. You can see the whole thing. You can see all them boxes. Real bright. Lots a lights. Nice rugs. Guess they doan want no valuable glass shit crashin' down on the floor. Mus' be like a insurance thing, or somethin'.... But no Jimmy..... Little Chrissie look at angry-face girl. Angry-face girl look at her. She see this before. Family always fight over shit. It always a race. Rich bastid get there first. Poor bastid get there second. That how it go. Halloween cop girl say - Can I help you?...... Little Chrissie go - You see my Uncle Marty? We 'opposed a meet him here...... Almost cop girl go - That his name over there?..... An' she hold up a list, on a little clipboard...... Little Chrissie look. Ricky look. She say - Yeah, that him. Where he go?....... Look like the niece and nephew gone have a hearty-tack.... Almost cop girl point down little hall way. She say - He go down there..... So them two go down too..... That when they see the backdoor. 

Run out lookin' and lookin', like Jimmy playin' peek-a-boo, or somethin'. Like he gone jump out from a hedge and go - BOO!.... But thing is, he not playin' peek-a-boo. He not playin' any game at all.

Little Chrissie start a cry.... Ricky do too, but he wipe it away real fas'.

Almost cop girl look out a window. She laughin' an' laughin'. She like when this shit happen....

Poor little baby. That who I feel sorry for. I hate bein' the ghost narrator what gotta tell this part. But tonight my 'up' so what I gonna do?.....


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