Thursday, January 3, 2013

53RD BINGO BOY episode 1/3/13

BINGO BOY - post 53

People around the street knew something was gone on. They saw Marge leave in the big limo. Too-Many-Cookies was better than twitter. And Marty Knew too. He was holed up with his lawyer, tryin' to stay outta jail. Plus, he sort of believed what 'Too' told him. He felt it. Jimmy wasn't dead. Well, actually he had to believe it, 'cause the safe deposit boxes were all empty. Been living on store brand Zantac for two days. Lucky the lawyer is a cousin. Went ballistic in the banks when he found out. Started cursing and spitting and stomping around. Then he curled up in a ball next to the free memo book display and rocked back and forth moaning 'mommy... mommy... mommy. Some kid working behind the counter got a hold of the security tape and put it on You Tube. Marty's famous now --- 'Crazy poor guy in bank.'

Big Chrissie's grandpop wants to have him messed up, 'cause how he gonna be able to pay for that baby now. Yeah, she had it... a real nice chubby, boy. Still got some a the money from before. Jimmy funneled her some. Marty did too. Trouble is, Atlantic City had most a that. Grandpop rode the bus to the casinos. Played craps. Played video poker. Never won. Big Chrissie can't do nothin' wit' him. He drinks too much. You know how he is. Sits in front a the TV lookin' at The All Hitler Station and all. She does got the stroller and the crib, though. Got a whole lotta diapers too. Bought baby clothes at Walmart, so her little sucker fixed up real nice, provided he stay baby-size and stick to a regular pee-pee schedule.

Ricky, Little Chrissie and the baby ridin' down the shore right now. Same limo. Jimmy sent it for them too. Both houses in the city all locked up. But that don't matter. Them what robs 'em jus' breaks windows. Ricky don't care. He gonna junk the place wit' one a them house flippers. Let them low-life crooks clean it out. Probably doin' that right now. Baby likes the ride. He lookin' at all the little farms in Jersey. It sunny. Everything look all postcard-like. Driver tells 'em a little about the new house. Chrissie's heart beatin' real fast. Sound like just the kind a place she likes... Ricky's heart beatin' fast too, but he thinkin' how he gonna make money once he get there.

I one a them ghost narrators you know from before. I told some a the Vampire Wonderland stories. I Mister Never-You-Mind. Yeah, I see you wavin'. Hello to you all too. I narratin' this part 'cause I like the sea shore, so them what decide it all let me do this. We goin' to a big place for dinner when we get there. Marge pick the place. Actually, place not big, just real hard to find and get into. Called Chef Vola, on a bitsy street in Atlantic City. Frank Sinatra used to eat there... when he was alive, I mean.  Do not know where he go since dyin' and all. Some folks get picky when they dead... It a cozy, finished basement (but wit' out no jail cell like Marge got in her basement). Best home made Italian food. Just set down and they keep bringin it...

Sorry I can't tell you no more right now. But wilkravitz what channel and type all this, got his computers ripped off. He rushin' a get it all in on a public computer at the library, squeezed in wit' a lot a sloppy folks what got more mucus than they know what to do wit' an' a lot a rough trade kids what think talkin' loud is livin' large.....

Will try to channel more tomorrow... maybe get new laptop too....maybe...