Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Annie Tells More. Others Do Too..THE VAMPIRE REVELS 1/30/13

It's still me. It's Annie. And I'm still lookin' around this place with Larry. He's that other vampirino-kid dressed like a gay pilgrim, or something. I know. I know. I know. He's Little Lord Fauntleroy. Does that mean Little God Fauntleroy? 'Cause I don't think God would dress his kid like this. But Larry was OK, so I didn't talk about his outfit, or nothin',

I asked him if he was down in the dungeons with the rest of 'em when they killed the cattle-people. He said he was. I asked him what it tasted like. He knows I only been a vampirina for like two years, so he talked about mortal people's food. He said - You ever eat chopped steak, or chopped sirloin, or whatever it is?..... I said - Yeah, I remember that. We got it at a diner a couple times with onions and gravy. Sometimes the guy didn't cook it too good and the inside was all pink and fleshy. ..... Larry said the cattle-people were like that, 'cause they were so scared and sweaty. Real hot too. .... I said - Oh..... You know, I killed plenty a people. They tasted salty too. Once a big fat guy, I think he was diabetic, fell on the cement and started shakin'. He was eatin' a big Hersey bar. Sarah was bringin' me home from Gap Kids. They were open real late 'cause a Christmas and all. Guy was twitchin' and everything. I was hungry. Sarah knew I wanted to eat. And he must a been a real bastid, 'cause she said 'yeah.' So we rolled him in an alley and I did....Now, what did I want to tell you?.... Oh, yeah. He had a real sweet taste mixed with the salt taste, like a chocolate covered pretzel. He was good. That fat guy was real good. But he was still a bastid. Sarah said he was a numbers writer. Not just a plain one. Not just like an assistant numbers writer. He was a boss. He had like a zillion regular numbers writers workin' for him and sometimes he would get like a helper to punch some scared, old man right in his stomach, or even like in his doo-dads. And I know you can't do that to a kid, even a vampirino kid. So I can imagine what it's like if you do it to somebody's pop-pop.

Larry and I watched this lady. She was dressed like an old fashioned clown, with a big, crazy dress, all poofy, with decorations and a big clown thing around her neck. Her face had all this white paint on it, like a clown, with red lips. Just lookin' at her made me sick. If I had a whole lot a blood in my stomach, I'd a throwed up. Baylah came by with a big monkey sittin' on her back. Not her lady-back, her horse-back. I think it might a been a vampire monkey. You know, some night-folk think it's funny to do that to monkeys and gorillas and all. But we said 'hi' to it and it waved, so It was OK. I asked Baylah what kind of clown the lady was. She laughed and told us the lady wasn't no clown. She was supposed to be a queen. She was supposed to be Queen Elizabeth. N ow I seen a lady called Queen Elizabeth on TV once, but she didn't look like no clown. She looked like somebody's real old mom-mom. So I was all confused. 

One a the 'au natural' weird, naked people with their tongues ripped out offered me some kind a drink in a little, skinny glass what got a real thick bottom. It was one a them whiskey drinks. Tomas and Sarah couldn't see. They were far away talkin' to a guy from some foreign place. I don't know. He was just a regular mortal. I know, 'cause earlier, when I went passed him, he smelled like salami. So I took the drink. Larry took two of 'em. You know, vampires can drink whiskey drinks. Some vampires can drink a lot a whiskey drinks. It tasted like old wood with little knives in it. Larry laughed. I laughed too. Then we went to play with the big dog what got a face like people. I pulled its tail. But the dog with a people face didn't like it, 'cause he turned around and told me to go to hell.

See, if this was really a wedding, like a regular people wedding, this is where the mom would take the little girl (me) and rock her on her lap so she could rest a little. Some other lady, like an aunt, or a grown-up cousin would come over and brush a sweaty piece a my hair back. She'd smile at me and tell the mom one how adorable I am. 

But this ain't no real wedding and nobody did that.

Sarah's nice to me. Tomas is too. They yell sometimes, 'cause I can be a real, little bitch. Not so much anymore. But I used to bite a lot a toes off. I still think they love me... I guess... But nobody came over to rock me, or see where I was.

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