Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hoping to wrap up BINGO BOY soon but delayed due to dastardly deed. My house was burglarized TWICE in thirty six days, the last episode on Christmas Day. So no time to properly channel all that's going on with Ricky and Little Chrissie and the Baby and all. Using comps at public library. Can only squeeze in about an hour a day. Boy, if THIS is communism or socialism...IT STINKS!

I'll tell you one thing, the internet is 'television' these days and TV has been demoted to what radio USED to be. We've all morphed into a benign form of BORG hive mentality and I MOURN for THE COLLECTIVE. Hope to be back in 2-3 days.

Truly afraid to leave the house unattended. Who knows what they'll grab next? A horrible way to live. Surrounded by 'kids' who make Dicken's London look genteel and proper. Plus (I'm afraid) a few 'twenty and thirty something' mentors who arrange things and sort it all out for them. Like piranha desending on an innocent bovine. Not that our neighborhood is full of cows, but you know what I mean. Hate to leave, but must. An attractive, red-brick tree-lined district blown to sh*t and few in CITY HALL care. Some do, but not enough.

Parents have got to notice how flush some of their little bastards are. A few scores brought in thousands.. Just make sure you NEVER keep substantial sums of money in the house. Write down serial numbers from ALL electronics. Replace ALL basement windows with secure, tamper-proof models. NEVER 
broadcast your comings and goings. Have 'call forwarding' put on your (already extortionist) phone bill, so that when 'the good neighbors' call to see if you're 'will be.' your gut instinct... When it's time to's time to leave. Don't try and be 'the last man standing.' Nobody gonna give you no medal for that. What they WILL do is cup you off at the knees.

Look, most of the people 'round here are STILL OK. Sadly, all it takes is a feral minority to poison the well for everybody. It's an old story. This is how 'home' becomes 'the old neighborhood.'....

If you like, please GOOGLE Bingo Boy by Billy Kravitz, or Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz, or THE LITTLE MATCH BOY by Billy Kravitz, or MARIANNE IN BRITCHES by Billy Kravitz and scroll around... click on 'earlier post' or 'later post.' The 'Marianne' arc details the 'birth' of one of our main 'elferinas'... a unique take on the whole 'vampire' thing. Think it starts around 4/6/12 or so.

Now I gotta sit in a quiet house, listening to the clocks tick and pretending television is more than muzak.

Until next time, all you human beans.


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