Tuesday, February 19, 2013


In many ways, The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn is only a name 'borrowed' by various associations aspiring to some form of metaphysical power and enlightenment. The true organization began over one hundred and twenty five years ago, deep within the winding lanes of late Victorian London. If you've ever seen the film, Young Sherlock, by Steven Spielberg, you've seen snippets of a distorted order centered on sacrificial violence and pseudo-Kemetic (Kemet being the true name for ancient Egypt) mythology. Well, the venue in question tonight is not like that. In truth, it goes back long before The Golden Order and even predates the Masonic and Rosicrucian brotherhoods believed to be it's source.

Those familiar with our strange kind of 'fiction' know about La Ciencia Vampirismo. Tomas has an old, handwritten copy. Sometimes he hides it deep within the Jersey Pine Barrens. Sometimes where they live. I don't know every hiding place. The title can be translated as 'the science of vampirism,' or 'the science of the vampires.' Most present day cognoscenti hold with the second interpretation.  Magic has always been there. Vampires are but one manifestation, though they tend to be true vessels of the creed... if you want to call it a creed. 

The 'Temple,' if you want to call it a temple, rests in a district just to the east of 'The City,' that old, original core dating from the Romans. Today, it's a trendy place, filled with spare and stylish galleries, artistic dining spots and luxurious  boutiques. Some claim The Ripper hid there.  But you'll just have to ask him.

Beatrice fixed toddies. Vampires enjoy hot toddies, rich with the fragrance of cinnamon and cloves. She uses rum. The Philadelphia group prefers vodka or gin, but they did not say anything. And old, seventeenth century chamber music played in the background, on a discretely positioned Bose radio.

They were waiting for Francis and Miranda, Tomas' night-folk friends from the court of The Merry Monarch. Ever see Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman in that Avengers re-make they did? Well then no further description is necessary...... Wait a minute. Sarah's giving me a dirty look. (teeth sucking noise).. How can she see me? I hide so well... a creature of the ether...been 'dead' more than two thousand years.... Yeah, hello, It's me, Zebulon. Nice to see you. I'm the pretentious thirteen year old what got hisself stoned for consorting with witches in thirty-eighth century ('first' to most of you)  Jerusalem. Pretty much the only stoning they did during that period.. Stonings were exceedingly rare. But I was the lucky one.... Now, what was I gonna say?... Oh yeah. Francis had on a slim black suit. Google the Vera Wang tuxedo. You'll see what I mean. Miranda wore one too. But her's was even slimmer. I think he did have a bowler,  just not on his head. 

When they came in, sublimating through the garden wall, Tomas smiled. Three hundred and thirty years since the last time, yet he remembered it all. Nell Gwynne was quite the hostess. Vampires don't bother much with introductions, They all possess some level of telepathy. He might have said something for wilkravitz and Edith, but even they have a certain heightened sensitivity.....

Then they all wrapped themselves in warm coats (gloves and scarves too, I might add) and walked out to join the night. 

A long, sinewy, undulating Chinese dragon waited by the curb, ebony black with golden claws. In fact, it took up most of the tiny thoroughfare. But the isolated pedestrian or two never saw it. And a man carrying a large, zipped, leather artist's portfolio walked right through the dragon's lower back and kidneys without causing the slightest stir. The 'temple' is a place of magic, you know. 

So following Francis' lead, they all climbed onto the creature's back, grabbing hold of thick, gold cords circling its body. And after the life-eater helmsman issued a clipped command in flawless Mandarin, they took off through the streets, as the snake-like steed bore them on their way.

London after midnight offers many such sights. Pity so few can see them... 

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