Sunday, February 24, 2013


We ate the cheese. We ate the grapes. The woman brought us a ceramic carafe filled with new wine. I relished it.... the smooth creaminess... the nutty flavor... the acidic bite...But before I go all Food Network on you, on to the heart of the matter.

As the day waned and the shadows lengthened, the reality of this place began to slowly dissolve. Stones turned into shadows and we who were children assumed or true form. Two heartbeats later all were back in the residence.. seated on the floor of a room with golden walls. Indeed, every surface was gold, resembling nothing so much as the interior of a large cube. There were no windows, or doors. The light, simply...was.

Our imperial guide said - Of such is magic. Vibrations to be manipulated...... Then he looked at me and continued... Tomas, I believe your Doctor Franklin feels the same?..... I nodded, then said - We have dabbled in this world many times and once, months back, slipped into what we assumed to be a parallel universe...... The Great Aurelius corrected - Not parallel...alternate. Had it been truly parallel, you'd never get inside. And do you think there hasn't been a reason for all this?.... Tomas, you block us. You're afraid. You hold back. Stop it..... All of you do that.... You, woman of the Pines..... (Edith nervously dropped a grape, the only still existent souvenir from our time in Rome and it seemed to fall through the golden floor as if through water.).... the emperor continued - tell what you see. Share what you feel. You're descended from a great wise woman. Did you know that?..... She shook her head'no.' ..... The emperor sighed - Well now you do..... Who was she? - asked Edith. But the emperor only laughed. Sarah said- Please, sir, tell us more......  Annie played with her hair. Before continuing, he reached out and gently slapped her hand away.... Don't do that - he said..... wilkravitz chuckled to think such a powerful entity even noticed such things, but Baylah pinched him and he stopped...... Our teacher inhaled, clapped his hands and said - Not now. It's time to smell the pasta..... (You know how vampires savor the aroma, don't you? We told you that.) So we  got to our feet and self-consciously looked around for a way out, til our mentor created a door......

Which vampire was I? What good would it do you to know my name?  You don't know us all. Our world  is like water. Nothing separates us. We flow together like rivers to the sea. The magic is the magic. And we are only vessels. It has been said that God is an ever growing jewel and we are (you too, mortals) facets, glittering upon the surface. They say a lot of things. But some of them are true.

Perhaps I am a solvent sent to break down walls? Miranda knows my name, but I do not think she'll tell you.

A few heartbeats later, the vampires (and other enchanted beings) gathered in a commodious salon and found seats in the warm, soft, deep upholstered chairs, where they silently absorbed the songs of Leonard Cohen. I believe he was singing Hallelujah. Some closed their eyes. But they were not sleeping. Some stared into the low, flickering candlelight. But they were not truly awake. Hallelujah... that was it.

Why don't you Google the words?..... Nothing stands between us. We are One....

Now it's late, at least for those of you upon the western landmass. So go to sleep. The 'Oscars' were but a dream. There's work tomorrow.

Good bye...

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