Monday, March 18, 2013


It was a wet, cold, drizzly night. Annie was sitting on the floor in the family room watching Jay Leno. She was also popping the heads off he Barbies and switching them out.  Ken looked good with Malibu Beyonce's head on his shoulders. Didn't look a hundred percent though. Tipped over toward one side (neck differentiation), but she don't care. Annie, I mean.  Saw a rerun of The Beverly Hillbillies on cable. Now she wants to be like Granny and do head transplants. Wants 'Papa' to bring her some prisoners so she can practice. He don't pay her no mind. Just sits there like a thirty two or thirty three year old Richard Gere look-alike with a moderate case of catatonia. It would be a severe case, but he does move his eyes once in a while and go 'humph.' She gets mad and goes to kick his legs.... like in his shins, you know? But he grabs her real fast and goes WHOMP! right up to the ceiling, with his levitation powers..  Last time Edith had to go get her down with an aluminum folding ladder and a spatula. She never learns. 

Her little friend, Larry, from The Vampire Revels, called. Wants  to brag about his trip to Disney. Vampire 'parents' had to rent a house outside the park, 'cause they couldn't stay in a hotel. Maid wants a clean up. They want to sleep. She gets angry. They gotta kill her and all. And you KNOW what that does to a bill.... Them hotels know how to work all the angles.

She wants Tomas and Sarah to take her. To Disney, I mean.  But he ain't too communicative lately. Sits in what they call 'the parlor' (Annie calls it the 'quiet talkin' room'), 'cause they go in there to discuss things when they don't want her to hear. Tomas is in there now. He's sitting in a deep, comfy wing chair, right by the inglenook, reading a Bible. Look how mesmerized he is. What he really wants to do is walk the streets giving five thousand dollar 'flats' of hundred dollar bills to poor folks, only it's so raw out there, he's waiting for it to warm up a little. Being a saint is one thing, but Tomas known as Jonathon ain't about to engage in mortification of the flesh. Look, icy rain can't kill him, but still. 

Though he is really pensive.  Last night, just before dawn, when he came back with the box of Pascal Bread from the market, he goes out back to sit next to 'Papa' in the garden. It was cold then too. But it was a dry cold and that's not so bad. 'Papa' doesn't say anything. Just stares at that rock poking up out of the little ivy bed. Just stares... Just stares.... Tomas sighs and says - 'I'm done. I'm ready. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't.'...... Nobody answers. ...But Tomas doesn't care, because he told the truth. Last time he felt this way Baylah helped him. They were gonna convert the world. He 'appeared' to a crowd at Friday Evening Services at the old, venerable Reformed Temple Rodeph Shalom  on Broad Street. She appeared to a group from an artificial grotto in a little pocket park right by an Olive Garden. The Center City yuppies at Rodeph Shalom blamed him on carbon monoxide poisoning and fired the sexton. The folks walking over from the lot to their pasta dinners thought she was The Black Madonna and the cops had to chase crowds away from there for the next three weeks.

But this time it's going to be different. This time it's going to be real. No stunts. Just remember the message. Just remember what the angel said all those many years ago....

The Pure and Simple Thing.... The Pure and Simple Thing... The Pure and Simple Thing...

And he wasn't talking 'bout Ivory Soap...

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