Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RECOLLECTIONS OF FLESH EATERS... The Book Of Ghouls .. 3/6/13

I don't speak much. If you were here for last night's episode, you know how we communicate. We think, therefore we are. Sometimes we mouth the words for those less attuned. Let them lip read, if they can. Am I the one you call Johnny Jump Up? No. He is an unusual specimen of 'ghouliana.' His ability is quite showy, what with the leaping and all. Coupled with the anorexia, that makes for one major graphic novel star. Let me tell you that. 

Most of us look fairly normal.... the fat lady on the bus.... the old man buying a newspaper.... a little boy flying one of those snap together, balsa wood gliders they still sell in dollar stores. The magic only happens at meal time. That's when we hop to it. And ghouls don't bother with a lot of drama and rules, like vampires. I hate those phony, neurotic bastards. Look how they strike poses. Your Tomas... the one you have in Philadelphia and his 'black leather bootkins'..... Can you imagine such a phrase? What are they? Really, what are they, but weak, insipid ghouls. 

We eat who we will and we hunt all the time. You're all expendable. Life goes on..... if we let it. 

But, you want to know something? I don't know how this happened. I don't even remember 'first flesh.' Some do (not many). I don't. Your Johnny Jump Up claims it happened when he was buried alive. He says 'something' got in with him and 'grabbed' him. With me, it was gradual (I think). A little bit of this. A little bit of that... an ear..a thumb.. an ass.. a rat.

But one night it hits you. And you realize death has taken a holiday... at least where you're concerned. Time to buy new suits, or peel them off your victims, 'cause the ones you got are thirty years old.

Ghouls like to dine by moonlight, thus the feasting on the heights.... mountains in the country.... rooftops in the city. The pigeons get quite a show.

I love the way you taste. 'Long Pig.' That's what they call it. Rich and sweet and salty. Boy oh boy. You don't want to see me when I'm hungry. But you probably won't see me, not at first anyway. That's how quick it happens. 

Wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am. But you'll be in shock by then.

People disappear all the time. Sometimes we make love before they die.

And guess who's coming for dinner?

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