Monday, March 11, 2013

THE MONTH OF MIRACLES... Tomas and his faith. 3/12/13

Attend, oh best beloveds. The 'burden bearer' (life eater) known to God as Jonathon ben Macabi and to most of the children of Adam as Tomas de Macabea , feels The Faith at this season for the Month of Miracles is upon us..... a time of redemption and new birth...a season of the year called Nissan, which means 'miracle' and nothing else. 

He sits in his chamber, lost in prayer and contemplation. but those of you who know him recognize the pattern. For he has always been like that. Most close to him believe he will one day expand his place in the world and trade this burden for something else. 

Is Jonathon called Tomas unique? Hardly. Those known as 'vampires' have always done such things, occupying that place where the spirit meets the mundane. People saw them as help mates and guides, sent from beyond to bring order to the community of men and usher disruptive, unschooled souls from this world to the next. 

'Life-eater'..... a noble thing it was. And people remembered their many sacrifices. They sang psalms and healed the sick, advised kings and tutored holy men.

Such was the world til Inquisitional times, when books were re-written, or at least reinterpreted and vampires used for fuel. Witness the trials of the elferina known as Marianne. Search them in these endless records. Do as the moderns do and 'Google' Marianne In Britches by Billy Kravitz. See what can be seen. Read what is preserved.

The month of miracles..... Go and do good things... Bake the Bread of Haste and eat it, for life is short.... at least when viewed through mortal eyes...

You are REDEEMED for a reason...

Know that and go forth.....

Wow! We really tapped into a good disembodied spirit tonight, didn't we?

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