Monday, April 8, 2013


This is not the only time we'll talk. There may be another post later on. But conditions are right and so I speak. Do not ask for my name. It vacillates and changes. Do not ask for my form, for that too is fluid. Am I a 'god?' No, I am not, nor am I a divine messenger. But I am old and I have seen a lot.

Do you think your few thousand years of advanced sentience explains everything? Please, don't be so self limiting. We were old and done with physicality before your star was even born. Listen to what I say, for I know. 

The celestial carousel you call 'Milky Way' spins slowly. And the 'horses' go up and down. Right now (a singularity for us, but ages to you) the stead you call Earth dives through the galactic plain, a region thick with plasma and quantum possibilities. 

You are 'in the soup' so to speak. Is it a bisque, a broth, or a stew? Even I can't say... not with any acceptable measure of accuracy. 

Smaller, though more localized changes happen too. The poles are shifting..... Your poles..... What's up is down and what's down is up. ..... The last time alterations like this took place, you still had tails and fur. 

Look closely at the 'witches' and the night-folk. Study them. For their pores leak 'magic' into the world. At least you call it magic.

Open your eyes and see what can be seen. There are mer-folk in the seas, yet you refuse to believe. And they are but one example of all that you willfully ignore.

Oh, LIVING SOULS, hear this...... The meaning of life is POSSIBILITY.

What have you done with yours?

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I retreat now through the circuits and the keyboard and the fingers and the neurons and the mind of he who 'typed' this..... Back to my place in the space between corporal things.

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