Saturday, April 27, 2013

WHAT'S GOING ON INSIDE 'PAPA'?........ 4/27/13

Annie said he's not in there. She says his body is on like automatic pilot. It's like a house with the lamps on timers and the burglar alarm turned on. Edith says - How do you know?..... Annie (our juvenile, little bastid, vampire gal) says - Same way I know who's gonna win The Voice or who Khloe Kardashian's daddy really is. My brain just knows. OK!?.... So they sit there in the kitchen eating yogurt. Yeah, Annie's a life-eater and most mortal food makes her throw up. But she likes yogurt, especially Shop Rite store brand strawberry yogurt, even if she's gonna donate it all to the toilet ten minutes later. Every time she does, she looks down into the bowl and takes inventory. Vampires, some of them anyway, are intrigued by mortal habits. Not so much the younger ones (except for Annie), because they still remember. But older examples of the breed can look at a snotty, crumped up kleenex for hours, contemplating the zeitgeist of a sneeze.

Now let's look out of their eyes and see 'Papa' as they do. He sits in that chair...the same chair... the big one, right in front of the flat screen in the 'family' room. And he stares. Whether at the images on the television or the empty space before it is hard to say. But his eyes don't blink. Well, they do, though not very often. Annie plants herself before him. She makes faces and twists herself up and does little dances. She sticks out her tongue and says curse words, real fast, right in front of his face. Like twenty five 'f' bombs all in a row. But he don't do nothing. 

Sarah don't like when she gets like that, but she ain't here much. Stayin' at her old book shop's like a security blanket. Makes her forget how much she wants Jonathon back. Right now she's sitting in that wing chair, under a warm, little pin-up lamp, reading an old copy of THE AGE OF INNOCENCE. She likes all them old bigoted, howdy-do, white glove, social niceties. 

But Annie got it right. Papa ain't there. He floatin' around out on Europa. That like a moon what wants a be a planet. It go 'round Jupiter. That like a planet what wants a be a star.  He under the ice, Papa, I mean, wrigglin' through that cold, salty ocean wit' them fishy folk.....manta ray people, I think they is. But don't look like no people I know. That vampire partial to aliens. But you gotta remember... he been 'round for like 'leventy seven thousand years. That boy seen lot a aliens...and (whispers) I think he play 'gidgie' wit' 'em. heh heh heh....

Still, he thinkin'..... It just move through his mind like maggot through a rice sack.....Heh, heh, heh..Edith all angry now. She watchin' late night re-run a Hoda/Kathy or whatever they call it. And she don't like when that dumb weather girl come on at two forty five, tellin' folks how warm it gonna get. Dumb girl always talk 'bout New York, Boston and D.C., but don't never say Philly. Edith go - Don't that orange hair bitch know Philadelphia bigger than Washington and Boston put together? Don't she know we got more fancy eatin' places and theaters than them two either?!.... Then she say she never gone watch that girl, or buy what they sellin' on them station breaks. Annie say - You want me to go to New York City and bite her up real bad? But Edith make like she don't hear and mess wit' crapped up plates in a sink.

While all this goin' on, mole-folks havin' a pow-wow. They heard something (see last night's episode). They got suspicions. Sound travels real good underground. 

That why dead folks know all the best secrets. 

This be Mister Never You Mind... But all my good friends know that. 

Right now, TV got Michael Buble singin' - Fairy tales can come true. It could happen to you....... Boy, is he ever right..... Nightmares too.

Heh heh heh heh heh....
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