Saturday, May 4, 2013


I really cannot channel this world too long right now, for the open-mouthed, droopy-eyed sleepy-sleeps are upon me.But I will tell you what is on the mind of a very nice vampire lady. You met her last night. Actually, she contacted me and asked to be brought into this. For decades, Miss Betty and her much loved charges, lived a quiet life in a large, old fashioned, pre-war apartment residence on Locust Street, I believe. They take their ease among formal rooms with crown molding, old family portraits and substantial pieces of heavy (much polished) silver. Please don't say sterling. 'Cause if you do, you ain't had it too long.

The other night-folk might be aware of her, but vampire privacy is always respected. In truth, Miss Betty's two charges are quite mortal. No funny blood stuff for them. The grandchildren are quite opposed to magic, or enchantment of any sort. Two regular, little Darren Stevens they are. She offered.... still does... But they just cross their scrawny, little arms over their bony chests, stick out their chins and say - No!...

Needless to say, Miss Betty's getting nervous. Them cute little kids look ten years older than she does, 'cause they passed seventy now and she gotta teach the 'girl' how to use them form-fitting, diaper panties, 'cause every time she cough, one a them antique, satin chairs get stained.

But Betty is a good grandmom. Buys them warm clothes in the winter time and sea isle cotton ones in the spring. Got 'em piano lessons. Taught 'em how to eat with chopsticks. Took 'em to visit all the best museums. She gets them in at night for a private tour. Don't have no live-in Santa Claus no more. But seeing how old they are, you gotta expect that. 

Sometimes, over the years, she'd attempt to sneak a few drops of her ruby elixir into the tuna salad, but fussy eaters are not easily fooled and they just wouldn't have it. 

So she sits in the kitchen, late at night with the Inca Shaman Butler and worries. He tries to 'witch' 'em a few times, but they got stuck up on the ceiling and pooped all over the floor. Some people are magical 'reflectors' and nothing sinks in. 

That's why Miss Betty doing this. That's why she wants all of you to know her. Somebody might have a solution and she's desperate. Sarah says she should go ask Doctor Franklin. If that Grand Armonica does it for him... if it's kept him living over three hundred years, maybe it could help them?

Betty doesn't want to be alone. Imagine what it's like for a vampire when the last of their mortal kin sail away. That's when it really sets in..... 'Lost among the stars'..... That's what she calls it. And lately, it makes her cry....

Now, the 'Betty' family will not be they stars of our tale. They will not be center stage. She wouldn't like that. That's not what she wants.

But we will check in from time to time. Folks at the townhouse are just that way. Jonathon takes that 'brother's keeper' stuff to heart.

And, believe me, Miss Betty  is plenty grateful.

Sorry to stop like this. But I got to go to sleep now. Vampires want me to go see somebody... a physician or something. Look, I might take a drop or two of their blood, if it came to that. But I would like to preserve my mortality. I don't know... I just would.

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Good night...
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