Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sarah likes stories like this. She watches every episode of DOWNTON ABBEY endlessly. When the future earl died in the car crash, she cried. But here's where he went. Look down below at the end of this entry. It's there, a wonderful trailer for you to watch and share with your friends. Please be sure to see the film... And now, back to the rustic, Piney settlement of Jubilee. Annie is going to be human again.  That's the plan. Will it work? Probably. The Red Paint and Piney people claim to have accomplished similar things. It all a part of Jubilee, or at least the way they observe that old Biblical practice. The actual method has yet to be decided. They can attempt to transfer the 'burden' (vampirism) onto another, or perhaps dissolve it altogether. The Talk-To-God-Man is still thinking. 

Edith sits on her small, rickety porch, talking to Jonathon and Sarah. The night is warm, a taste of summer evenings yet to come. Mister Edith passes 'round glasses of his latest, homemade intoxicant. Yes, the Scooby-Doo set is still in use. Vampires can tolerate alcohol, you know. Some, in fact, dote on it. Edith says - You know she'll still be immortal, but in a different way. Sure, the flesh gonna fail her, but the good part ain't gone no where. Annie still gonna be Annie, 'cept in a spirit form....... Sarah looks sad. So does Jonathon.... Their Pow-Wow woman friend adds - Oh, but that's not gonna be for a long time.... She takes a sip of the really, quite, fine bourbon-like distillation and savors it. Mister Edith just nods. He don't talk much.

Jonathon says - You don't know how short a life is... a mortal life, I mean. You think you do, but you don't. I still vividly remember midnight supers in Vaux Hall, from the nights when Vaux Hall really WAS Vaux Hall. Did I actually eat? Well, you know how adept I am at making nibbling look like something. We dined in the gardens by torch light. All the rage back then. Turbaned, juvenile, 'Moorish' attendants brought 'round the platters. Peacocks and peahens were a big thing too. They'd wander about like extras in a modern day film. I don't know what they did to stop the squawking.  Some irritated the voice box, if that's the correct term when birds are involved, with a liquid caustic. Cruel? Of course. But the attendants were slaves. And choirboys were castrated to preserve the high notes. What would you expect?....All I mean to say is, I can reference that, like you remember, let's say, twenty years ago. And a human life span is to me as dog's lives are to you. Even less. Perhaps a guinea pig's..... Then he laughed.... Sarah said - Why did you do that?.... He said - Will she still live with us? I assume so. Unless we can find one of her relatives in California. And I don't think that's going to happen. We'll raise her. The best private schools.... Summer homes.... travel... The theater. Edith, you'll still help. Won't you?..... The Piney woman said - Yep..... Mister Edith just kept drinking..... Sarah repeated - But what's so funny? Why did you laugh?..... I was thinking about The Munsters. It's on late at night on TVLand sometimes. A pretty, young girl, named Marilyn, lives with her, shall we say 'strange' relations. (points to Sarah) You Lily. Me Herman...... Edith smacks his arm and says - Oh, it's not gonna be like that! Stop it...... but who knows how it will be?

Right now, Annie is off capering about with Horsey Skeezix and his family. Jersey Devils can be quite hospitable. The big Daddy lifts her up and takes her flying. She loves it, safe in the arms of this faun or satyr-like being. They sail above the Pines and rise toward the sky, singing 'Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight.. come out tonight.. come out tonight.. Buffalo gals won't you come out tonight.. And dance by the light of the moon.... Then they dine on delectable mussels and clams, fresh from the nearby estuaries. Annie, still a vampirina, eats anyway. She can throw up later. 

'Papa' hasn't made his entrance yet. I suppose he's still in Philadelphia. He likes exploring on his own. He likes finding ladies. He likes making love. Does he kill them? Not often. Not too much. But he may resent Annie's defection. You can never tell with him. He walks the narrow, cobbled lanes, without a sound. He sublimates into museums. Sometimes he sits by Prometheus Bound for hours. The guards know him. They pretend not to see. He leaves them gifts... gold coins.... baroque pearls.... blood red rubies. One got a tooth belonging to Hammurabi, but that was a mistake. 

Tell me, if you had the chance, which would you choose, vampire or mortal? Would you miss your family? Would you take them along for the ride? Decisions.. Decisions.. Decisions...

(Sigh) Who am I? I'm just another Piney ghost. Don't pay me no mind...
now look at that nice movie trailer we told you about. SUMMER IN FEBRUARY, it's called...Classic, English escapism. Good too. Make sure you see it. And if you want to see more of our world, click on this ~> MORE OF THEIR WORLD ... leaving us a COMMENT would be nice too. don't you want everybody to see your link?

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