Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 - Official Movie Trailer - 24 May 2013 (USA)..... BRAND NEW TONIGHT!... then some more WEIRD JERSEY PINES CANNIBAL STUFF 5/24/13

All your favorites are back in this sharp, dose of movie satisfaction, plus maybe someone you won't expect. Just appeared on line. Only about 300 views. You know it's gonna be seen by millions...And now for the PINE BARRENS stuff...weird stuff (isn't it all?) Just heard, for real, I did not visualize this, that 'families' of seemingly regular humans, unconnected to any other Jersey Pines population, live on human flesh grabbed off the streets of Philadelphia, New York and other surrounding towns. These 'long pig' (look it up) addicts can impersonate any one... yuppies, nurses, food vendors (what are THEY selling?!) hipsters... Don't make no difference. Best not to get too close. Not if you don't want chloroform smacked 'cross your face and a fast ride deep to the middle of nowhere. Was told they prefer live food, just like oyster lovers. Strip off all the closes. Tie the morsel down. Maybe jam an apple or a gag in the mouth. I don't know. And chomp away. Bodies show up every once in a while. Bit up bodies. Must have a way to sharpen their teeth. Meat scooped out real neat... like oblong melon balls. Never hunt local. Don't want to trouble with the neighbors. Most folks (what got brains) leave 'em alone. But they out there. Live in shacks. Bathe with creek water. Must heat it over a fire in the winter. Must steal the clothes off their victims. Some what escaped tell 'bout a secret jargon... few hand gestures.... crazy words... fast, little 'psst!' noises. Don't get car trouble when you drive passed the Pines. Let me tell you that. Car people like fast food to them. Don't have to go far to get it. Wanna learn more weird Jersey stuff? Click on this ~>WeirdNJ .... We always back up what we say. If you wanna see more of our stuff, click on this~>MORE OF THEIR STUFF ... and leave a comment too, while you're at it. thank you very much...... NOW HERE COME THAT MOVIE STUFF, MORE THAN THREE MINUTES. Wanted to post it up top, but for some reason my blog site wouldn't let me do that. I'm basically digitally challenged. And I heard about that cannibal stuff tonight for the first time from one who knows. That part is true.

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