Sunday, May 19, 2013


And then the air, already damp and misty, began to sparkle, as if strewn with tiny diamonds. We sat there, transfixed by this really quite impressive bit of Pow-Wow magic, a heady brew of Celtic, Gallic, Indian lore, carelessly thrown together at the time of America's beginnings and midwifed by Red Paint holy men. They chanted... a bit of archaic French... some Welsh... Absegami, and other completely unknown dialects, accompanied by six Red Paint women on pre-Revolutionary dulcimers. You may know them as auto-harps. The children threw their hands up and danced. Annie and her two unusual friends joined right in. 

Edith said - This is why we call it 'Jubilee.' Tomas (also known as Jonathon) you know, 'Jubilee' from the Bible?.... And he did know. That spiritual time of truth and rapture when all things are made whole, when slaves are freed and burdens are put down. 

Edith whispered - I know what you're thinking. You want to know if it's the same for night folks too..... He didn't answer at first, but then said - I've attended Jubilees in the past. Berber Jews observed them in Old Spain, exotics even then.  They sang. They danced. The feasted... A time of joy. Slaves went free. Debts forgiven. Property returned. A quaint custom. I wish it were true....... Edith answered - It is. Ordained by God, seven times seven years... a time of reckoning. And answer me this... Do vampires have souls?.... He whispered - Yes, you know that.... She patted his arm and smiled.... But you don't want to go, do you? - she said...... He shook his head.... And the others, Sarah and the rest, I mean, don't know - she added. But the little one might want it. Look at her dancing. She's happy. She claps. She laughs. When do we see her so happy? When do we see her so human. She wants to grow. You know she talks to me.... about what kind of house she'll have... about what kind of husband she wants. And she isn't talking about a night-marriage. not like what you and Sarah have... whatever that is. One night we watched Say Yes To The Dress on television. And she sat there, all curled up against me, wide eyed and quiet. Then she said - That's the kind that I want...... Sure, she knows she's a vampire. She knows that... But I don't think she knows what it means.

Then the dancers all sat down and sang. A few of the women passed out little cakes. Each child got one. There were cups of new wine too. Not strong, but bracing, just the same. Annie took  one and drank. She laughed with all the others and even nibbled a bit of crumbs. A little vampirina can always throw up later. That's what she always does...Jonathon nodded..... She said - I'll tell her there may be a way.

Twelve heartbeats later, the Talk To God man struggled to his feet ( two of the Red Paints helped him) and he led those assembled in a prayer. I think in a Pow-Wow patois.... The Pineys knew it. So did the Red Paints. They all did. Jonathon understood a few of the words from earlier visits. 

And the air took on a crystalline shimmer, as the 'diamonds' disappeared, along with old grudges and past wrongs.  Then the people all drank the wine and said that it was good. 

Jonathon looked at Little Annie. She smiled. He smiled back. Sarah came over and sat down next to him. He kissed her. 

Dawn was still a few hours away, so they went for a walk in the woods...
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