Sunday, May 12, 2013


No one spoke. Each retreated into their own thoughts. Annie thought of their old neighbor lady, the one who fed her kid shitty pizza. Jonathon dozed, drifting into and out of the aromatic days of his mortal years in Al-Andaluz. The others wandered through their own private reveries. And the skiffs continued to soundlessly glide across the smooth, dark river. The air was cool and damp. Occasionally a bit of sky peeked down between the branches, but no one looked up. 

A tiny, gnat-like thing buzzed Edith's left ear. She shuddered and brushed it away. Then she said - We get out here...... And the boats smoothly turned toward an unseen bank. Everyone woke up. Jonathon whispered - Billy (that's what they call me), do you still have that cell phone?..... I said - Yeah?.... He said - Turn it on. Light it up. Let's see what we have here...... So I did. It's odd, but the small bit of illumination provided by the phone was enough for our dilated pupils. Did we see details, or subtlety? No. Well, maybe most of the vampires did. But even they have their limits. Vision requires light and even their cat-like eyes can only absorb so much.

There was a narrow trail leading up from the bank  into the trees. I think I saw a lizard, or it could have been a tiny, naked human scrambling up a trunk. After two and a half years with the 'weird and wonderful,' I'm use to that kind of thing. .... The driver said - What are you gonna do with all the stuff?.... Edith said - Leave it. Somebody'll come for it..... And she seemed pretty sure, so we did, carefully making our way up onto a little dock. It's amazing, but the boats didn't move..... Edith said - Give me the phone..... I passed it over.... She said - I'll lead. Follow me...... So we did.... Conrad whispered in my ear. He said - What's that driver guy still here for? Why didn't he stay with the s.u.v.? Why didn't he drive back?.... But I didn't know. 

Sarah whispered - Edith, have you been here before?..... Our Piney woman housekeeper said - Once or twice, when I was little..... Jonathon said - What's it like?..... Now in all his years, he'd been through the Pines many times, but the natives keep their secrets..... Edith said - Like Brigadoon. Ever hear of Brig - o- doon?  Crack of doom, it means in old Highland Scots..... And then she chuckled - But don't worry. You all are with me. 

Now Jubilee tends to migrate. Cabins are cabins. And dancin' grounds ain't so unique either. Could be the place is more like a meeting, or a convocation. Like the Vampire Revels we went to a while back. But not so pretentious. Not like the Bildeburg get together at all.

Then Annie went - Whoa!.... And we all looked, as a man in a beaver-tail tunic stepped out of the night. His eyes (due to exquisitely sensitive retinas) reflected a strange, orange light. Edith quietly said something. He answered back. But I don't know what it meant. Jonathon nodded to the man and offered out his hands. The man did the same and they 'shook.' We followed him the rest of the way. Edith kept the phone. He didn't need it. I could hear the beaver-tails lightly slap against each other as he walked.... Jonathon whispered - A Red Paint Man... a real one. Not the watered down kind we've seen before. ... And one of those little, human-tinged, muskrat creatures trotted out of the bushes and jumped up into his arms..... Not Jonathon's... The Red Paint guy's, I mean....

And if you ask me, the tiny demon stunk from human flesh....

Off in the distance, someone strummed a dulcimer as two score feet began a shuffling dance...

Jubilee awaits...
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