Tuesday, May 14, 2013


These things must be said. A new era is soon to unfold across the heavens. And so we commandeer this time from your mundane life-eaters, in  order that you may know. 

The time of the San Xing Emperor approaches. The 'Son of Heaven,' known in the TRUE TONGUE as the Tian will rule the orbs from the celestial NEW CAPITAL of Cinnibar, rising up upon the ocher sands of Huoxing (fire star), known to barbarians as Mars.

You who do not speak correctly, would be wise to learn. Keep your Spanish and your English and your Hindi and your French, or whatever jargon you regurgitate amongst yourselves. Save it for your hobbled old ones who feed with knives and forks. We do not want it here. 

But the Sheng Shang (another imperial title) is benevolent. Reeducation Centers are open to all. This you will know, for notifications are pending. And through hard, diligent study, you may (or may not) earn a place among the CLERICAL ORDERS.

A unified Taiyangxi (Sun System), imagine it, best beloveds. The Han Home World, known to us as Diqiu and it's bone-white smaller sister, called Yueliang (Earth & Moon) were but the first. Join us, as we roll across the cosmos, bringing Zhongguo (Chinese) cultivation to bare benighted orbs.

May Taiyang rain warmth and light upon us eternally..

Shhhhh... Earth has never seen the like. Welcome to THE EMPIRE OF THE JADE ORB... brought to you by Billy Kravitz, creator of THE VAMPIRE WONDERLAND, THE LITTLE MATCH BOY, EL RANCHO TEXACO, BINGO BOY and the well received story arc known as MARIANNE IN BRITCHES.

Be a part of things to come. He who bears the MANDATE OF HEAVEN commands it...


we pull back for a shot of the Imperial Dragon Fleet, gliding in toward the Huoxing (Martian) capital of Cinnibar... and ZOOM IN for a CLOSE SHOT of the Tian (emperor), seen through an opened portal seated amidst the tasteful splendor of a huge, imposing AUDIENCE HALL..., dressed in a trim, gray, Mao meets Dolce & Gabana suit , with a haircut to die for...He stares into the camera with the vertical pupils of a cat.

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