Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2 Guns Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg Movie set for 8/2/13 release .. the night-folk I blog for like this movie and we have some stuff 'bout them down here too ... 7/2/13...

As always, I try to post the trailer first and the narrative second, but the disembodied spirits that do so much to make this blog pixilated and truly paranormal rarely let that happen. And I don't know why. So read what they want me to tell you and know that the video clip of the upcoming Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg action thriller  will manifest itself down below. 

Now to the VAMPIRE WONDERLAND stuff. 

The vampire known as Conrad increasingly spends more and more time away from the others. Granted, Jonathon and Sarah have left the Philadelphia 'rookery,' but the juvenile elferino-vamperinos are still here. They ride subways late at night and turn up in quiet nocturnal diners. Mortals intrigue them. They love our tales... our lies and our taste. 

Roland, their de facto leader apes bad boys.... a trim, young tough with pointed ears. But the tousled hair hides that. You know what he's like? Picture a fourteen year old delinquent (do they still use that term?) who looks seventeen and gives his maybe thirty year old mother a hard time, yet is devoted to his forty five year old grandmother.  'Cept the last time Roland saw any of his blood relatives was over three hundred years ago. 

Tonight he sits in a bus terminal. The one on Thirteenth Street, I think. Plays cards with crack heads. Lets 'em win too. Feels sorry for them, especially considering how putrid they look under the bright florescent glare. Once in a while some real feral crack head follows him out on the street. Figures he's got more money shoved in them tight jean pockets (must be a gigolino... <a junior boy whore> They always got lots a money. 'Specially the new ones, the rogues what ain't got no proper representation. 

He pretends like he don't know what's goin' on. Leads 'em down dark alleys... You know... little 'service streets' between big buildings where trucks come to make deliveries and all. Nobody down there 'cept sexy-sexies, cops, pipers, junkies and trashies. Like FRITZ THE CAT, but without the tails or fur... Well, most of 'em anyway.... Waits til they grab him. Then he twirls around and shows his teeth.... They all do the same thing. Go - Damn! What the f#ck?.... Then he (Roland) hiss like a alley cat and bite 'em. Not a big bite. He don't wanna kill 'em, jus' cut 'em up so it sting a little. Does it real fast. Then he vault over their head and bite 'em again from the other side...... That's when they run away.

Roland does other stuff too, like buy cans a cat food from all night bodegas. Zip top ones. guess they all zip top now. Puts 'em out for half wild kitty cats... near dumpsters and all. But he gotta stand there an' make sure no rat or homeless bastid get it first. 

'Fore he settle in, just before dawn, stops by a little diner for coffee. Takes it black... no cream... no sugar. Guy don't talk much. He like a Greek, but not a Greek. Like a Albanian, or something. Slips him a doughnut... sometimes a piece a pound cake. Roland nods. Makes like he eats it, but he don't. Puts it in his pocket for the night pigeons. 

Then he goes back to the twisty, curvy warrens of Laurel Hill Cemetery. Sleeps in a old mausoleum with the other elferino/elferinas..... Caretaker's wife see him go by. She stays up real late watchin' old movies. Likes them early 'talkies.' Everybody in 'em dead by now, even the little children... Well, maybe one or two a them still breathin'... but not many. Elferinos like her. Cherubs do too, 'cause she knits 'em hats and sweaters when the autumn come. No, I got it wrong. She don't knit 'em. She crochets them. Got nothing against semi-dead folks, 'cause she's not prejudiced. She not like that.

And they can tell......

'Elferino-vampirinos.'..... Bet you see 'em and don't even know...
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