Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Best New Trailers July 2013 HD.. A RHAPSODY ON CINEMATIC DELIGHTS.. but 1st my pixilated paranormal stuff, because BLOGGER won't let me post the video first, but it's down there... 7/10/13

JANUS considers the past, but looks forward... THE BIRTH OF A NIGHT-FIEND...

And then the walls of the rough, ancient chamber seemed to close in on me. Lurid patterns dripped down the pebbly stucco in the dim, flickering light of the oil lamp, as feathery millipedes watched from the cracks. I hung suspended in space... 'frozen' in the middle of a giant ice cube that was not there... helpless before the assault, as every singularity of creation whispered her name.... And one heartbeat later she was there, standing before me and tasting my body. She moaned and whispered in an unknown tongue, that I now know to be Vahmperigo... an old, Mauritanian dialect, tinged with vestiges of East Atlantan. The force that held me fast disappeared, but I did not fall, for she took me in her arms and laid me down upon a bed of soft, ivory fleece, peeled from the flesh of still living rams. Strong, she was, but delicate and comely just the same, as she slowly tickled and explored my recently perfected body.

I felt the teeth... small and sharp. I felt the bites... little nips actually, as she readied me for the kill... Some from the belly.... Some from below.... Some from the shoulder... a palm.... a bicep... a nipple... my throat. I trembled with delight, as wave after wave of night-folk magic washed through my form. Then she stopped, leaned on her elbows and looked in my eyes. How young she seemed. How smooth. How flawless, like Diana after the hunt... and I her grateful prey. I felt the pressure of her naked body against my own and tried to urge her on. She just smiled and said - This is but a beginning.... Then we rocked together, performing a slow dance for perhaps seven hundred heartbeats..... And then she did the deed, devouring my life and draining me dry. 

Those of you familiar with the tales of Jonathon and Sarah know the rest.... It was the same for me... No different. I gave to her and she gave to me, til our blood was mingled and my mortal life was gone.

I wanted to stay with her and be with her and learn from her. But they who owned me would not let that happen, for she was led away so soon. And try as I might, I could not remember her name... I still can't. 

Slave vampires destined to be body guards know little of their powers. The Roman authorities like it that way. Some learn later on... But some do not. I believe you have words for such a thing... 'arrested development.'... We have the same term too.

The next night we left Medio-lanum (modern Milan) destined for The Eternal City. I traveled in a lead lined conveyance.... no windows... even the door was cunningly concealed. The Dalmation and the Ethiopian sailor went with me. And in that box, dark and hot, we shed our human skins.... alone and afraid on the straight, hard roads of Rome..... Like crabs in a basket brought up from the sea at Ostia...... frightened morsels waiting to be sold.

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