Friday, July 26, 2013

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: MEANWHILE DOWN AT THE JERSEY SHORE.... a glimpse into a story line from two and a half years ago.. scroll up or down if you like it... 7/27/13

Billy Kravitz' vampire wonderland: MEANWHILE DOWN AT THE JERSEY SHORE: Baylah could feel everything. She could taste the events in Philadelphia. She knew about Papa and what he did to the others. Did she hate hi... I am still so very, very tired.... but here's a peek into one of our best pixilated portals.....  a time when the twenty eight thousand year old, neolithic vampire, known as 'Papa' (a dead ringer for the thirty two or thirty three year old Richard Gere) did some very bad things. Baylah, originally a princess in Old Mali and now a 'life-eater' in Philadelphia, retreats to her mortal boyfriend's commodious shore house near Atlantic City, where she breathes in the salt air and plays 'vampire poker'..... Scroll up or down if you like this story arc and want to read more... You know how to do that. Click on 'NEWER POST' or 'OLDER POST' down at the bottom.

Thank you. The hum from the refrigerator's about to make me pass out. As always, look for more at ~> ... or jump in on TWITTER at~>@wilkravitz ... COMMENTS make nice gifts too. I'm s-s-s- sooo tired. ZZZzzzZZZzzz (collapsed on the cold, kitchen, gray, slate tiles....)

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