Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Now there was a lady's maid in the Nesso household... a quite comely girl who passed herself off as  British, but everyone knew she was from Panonia (ancient Hungary). I mean THAT accent? Come on! But she was well versed in peasant wisdom and knew her way 'around a cauldron.' That's a saying we have, here in the capital. It means someone, usually a woman, able to conjure and influence events via potions and poultices. 

My unusual condition intrigued her and we'd talk out back, after dark in the kitchen garden. Cook didn't like it. But she didn't like anything. And she was a fanatic against the vampires. Had a copy of The Septuagint (Greek translation of The First Testament), so you KNOW what her favorite part was???... 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.'..... Guess who was the witch? In her eyes, I mean. The poultice girl she considered an idiot. But I was the real thing. She knew what I could do, even if I didn't.

The Britainia girl, by way of Panonia clued me in on 'sublimation.' Had a friend who's husband was a vampire, so she knew. This was before she got sold into slavery. Actually, not so much sold, as pimped. The grandmother, who needed money to buy a nice, little mercantile inn somewhere just outside of the new city of Aquincum ( Budapest) gave her to a returning legionnaire, in return for a gold, ceremonial sword, which she promptly pawned for thirty five thousand sesterces... far less than it was worth...

(Someone doesn't want me to tell you the rest. I am sleepy. I am unnaturally tired. Magic is upon me (in addition to vampiric magic)  and I grow lethargic and heavy-lidded by the moment.

Please..... (heavy lidded yawn) forgive me. All I want to do is curl up after a good, blood feast and retreat to the land of nod...
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