Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Shrunken head like to watch Drew Carey. He like The Price Is Right, 'cause he got lot in common wiff a plinko chip. Old Woman set him up on the sofa. She prop him up wit' a lot a throw pillows. Don't know how  he see wit' his eyes all sewed shut, but he do. Old Woman feel bad 'cause sometime he cry cause he ain't got no belly. Head feels hungry but can't eat. Ain't got no head bone... no skull. Them what shrunk him took it out. Dat means the teef gone too. And his lips is all pursed up like an old school marm passing judgement. He says things and she (the Old Woman) hears it. 

Says they got people like to play around with us. And I don't know if 'people' is the right word. Maybe they once was people, or neighborly praying mantises, or friendly octopuses, or intelligent dogs what don't pee on no rug... But now they something else. And we just their 'Leggos.' Got ways to snap us together regardless of DNA and who got 'claspers,' and who got a 'cloaca' and who got a hot-cha-cha worthy of a wax museum.

That's how they make them LYCANTHRO-SHARKS. Juveniles did it..... indulged, little snot-noses from other worlds......(wait a minute... I gotta go eat somethin'....... /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/<~~~~~ (me eating.... I'm having copious amounts of cream cheese with savory, rich, salty bits of smoked salmon, spread on two WASSA crisp breads) OK, I'm done. Still want more, but, no.....

Shrunken Head says sasquatch is people mixed with chimps and gorillas. Aliens and Joseph Stalin did it. But it was not a collaboration. They played around separately. Genetic digression not so great, but still...... Come on, you wanna have kids with thumbs on their feet? Giraffe-people didn't work, 'cause they were picked up by the cops for rubber-neckin..... folks' second floor windahs. And them what became camel-people mostly resented being made hunchbacks and havin' real life camel toes and all. Humans is fussy. Look, you think a wolf wanna be a chihuahua? But aliens don't care, 'cause you just sea monkeys. Shrunken head says he half a alien, or was til they cut most all the fancy parts off. Now he jus' a head and a dead, dried up head too. But he one a the only friends the Old Woman got.

Shhh, now we gotta be quiet, 'cause Price is Right gonna SPIN THE WHEEL. Head like that. And we don't wanna make him antsy. Last time he bounce off a sofa and get wedge behind big wooden thing. 

What you think the aliens do to you?... And if they ain't done nuttin'... you one a the rejects...
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