Monday, August 26, 2013


Please excuse any typos. But the entity (Ok, OK, it's a person) typing this found an old bottle of wine in the refrigerator and drank it because there wasn't any cold soda. Warm soda is no good, 'cause all the dirty bastids 'round here stick their hands in the ice from the ice machine and that makes it into sticky, throw-up ice.

The 'entity' is dizzy. The entity need a CLIFF bar for purely medicinal reasons. So please wait a few minutes while 'the entity' dig one out a the cupboard. (this the time while you waiting) OK, I got one. No wait. No wait. No, not me... The 'entity.' Black, cherry almond... soooo good. (hope it absorb some a the alcohol)

Now we walking down a lane on the campus a the junior college. It look nice, even if most a the buildings assembled from factory made components.... No red bricks... No gray stone... Just stamped out vinyl, cedar shakes. Like what Harvard would a been if them pilgrims shopped at Lowes. And since it a low cost, county, junior college (that a polite way to say 'community college') ain't got no dorms either. You wanna sleep? You go to the library.... which got a really nice collection a vending machines the administration is very proud of.

Place mostly empty. Kids gone. Refugeed out a town on account a them lycanthro-sharks. Campus cops guard all the entrances.... But I don't think them werewolf-sharks got too much 'spect for authority, so that just a bunch a shit. Mall cops done all got 'et,' if that any indication. Town cops mostly squeezed in the back a their Dodge Chargers fartin' in the plastic seats.  (You know you can play songs that way?) 

But one guy workin' in a lab. He givin' a parrot radiation treatments, or tryin' a cook a chicken. It hard to tell.

He the one wit' all them pens in his pocket. He got like six a them. That mean he smart. He a six pen geek... the highest kind and they call him 'Roger.' Government keep record a six pen geeks an' he on it. Got two alien abductions...maybe three. But had diarrhea during last one and they make him go back home. Kick him out at place what sell shitty pizza wit' two dollar an' eighty-nine cent shove down his pants. But he don't care. He buy piece anyway. Guy what sell it say - Hey, buddy, who them ugly bastids brung you here? Roger don't say, 'cause Roger don't know. One alien lady got a pocketbook, but he never look inside it. Roger want a coke too. But guy say- Not from fountain. From a can, 'cause lazy kid what got night shift last night not wash it out real good an' now it like a cockroach swimmin' pool.... Roger say - OK, 'cause he understand biological crap like that. 

Dat how he gone kill them werewolf-sharks. Ask dopey girl at cash register if she wanna go wit' him...ask if she wanna help.... She say - Yeah, but first gotta go home for clean brassiere, since this gone be real adventure an' she say she gonna sweat too much.

Thus is born 'The Resistance.'  Crazy, abnormal shrunken head what live wit' the Old Woman know it. an' he laugh and laugh and laugh.... Old Woman say - If you doan stop, I gonna throw you in the freezer. He doan like cold, bein' from The South Seas and all, so he stop...

But he snicker to hisself just the same...
(more next time)
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John L. Harmon said...

Now I'm thirsty for wine, soda, and more of Vampire Wonderland!

Billy Kravitz said...