Friday, August 2, 2013


No regular post tonight. Am abducted by aliens, but the cool kind who stop off at really cool places and let me work the controls. 

Please ask those you know to visit ~>THE VAULT ... so they can pick and chose between ALL our episodes (over 1,200) and leave COMMENTS that will be seen by people and highlighted on TWITTER by me. 

Psst! Wanna meet celebrities??? Hit ~>COOL COMIC DIRECTOR ...COOL WRITER ... and tell them how you got there. Oh, hit this one too ~>COOL HOT GORE-FEST DIRECTOR ... and tell him too.

Must stop now, 'cause the aliens are taking all of us to some kind of an alien WAFFLE HOUSE and I gotta take a store-brand ZANTAC just in case....

Hear they got humongus waffle irons... a whole person could stretch out in one of them!


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